It’s no secret that the e-commerce industry is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. So as thought leaders in this space, we Rithums must evolve as well.

Led by Kevin D’Angelo, Rithum’s sales enablement director, this year’s kickoff was focused on the future. Looking ahead, we recognize that evolution is necessary for survival in an ever-changing landscape. So for two whole days, the sales and services departments came together as one united force to ensure survival of the fittest.

New Year, New Format

Unlike years past of holding kickoff in an energetic, albeit crowded, conference room, the enablement team took this year’s kickoff to a whole new level. Energized education and collaborative development was the center of attention throughout the two-day event.

We broke into several smaller groups to attend different enablement sessions where we learned from the experts just how much the e-commerce industry is evolving — and the speed at which the change is happening. Through interactive exercises and eye-opening deliverables, teams discussed how important  it is for our clients (and all online brands and retailers), to understand and strategize around this changing landscape.

After two full days of growth, development and enlightenment, everyone gathered together to recognize and celebrate last year’s success. Leading our clients through the hurdles of e-commerce is a team effort, but we must recognize that what got us here will not get us there.

We must continue to look toward the future and evolve.

Evolution can be intimidating. Put in a different perspective, to evolve is the difference between being mediocre and thriving. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. But we here at Rithum are one step ahead.

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