A World-Class Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Web-Stor integrates Sage 100 functionality with the leading e-commerce platforms, including Rithum, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, Amazon and WooCommerce. Your customers will enjoy the ultimate shopping experience while you reap the benefits of tightly integrated systems.

  • Supported by Sage 100 E-Commerce Experts
    Web-Stor is implemented and supported by Sage 100 experts and e-commerce experts working together in a single team. This ensures that your needs are met both in Sage 100 and on the web.
  • Sized and Priced to Meet Your Needs
    Web-Stor scales to fit your requirements, from $7,500 for a two-way integration of WooCommerce and Rithum to integration of multiple e-commerce platforms and Sage 100 companies. In fact, Web-Stor can connect Sage 100 to practically any web-based system.
  • Flexible Integrations
    Web-Stor provides a comprehensive set of integration points so that you always have the right data in the right place. Sync items, orders, inventory, customers, payments, shipping and more.
  • Advanced Functionality
    Web-Stor allows you to do business the way you need to. Much more than just a connector, a Web-Stor solution empowers you to take advantage of advanced functionality like special pricing, alternative item numbers, even dynamic attributes in your web stores… virtually anything you can do with Sage 100 can be implemented with a Web-Stor solution.
  • Cart & Platform Freedom
    Web-Stor offers integration with the top e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Rithum and Amazon.
  • Live Data Syncing
    Everything you need can be integrated across all of your systems in real time or on a schedule, depending on the solution you require. Never hang customers out to dry with incorrect product listings or inventory levels.
  • Professional Web Design
    Need to spruce up your e-commerce website? Web-Stor has you covered. Our designers can build you a professional website optimized for mobile to maximize your e-commerce sales.

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