Say hello to SKUmagic and its real-time analytics & AI dashboard

SKUmagic makes it easy to meet channel, e-commerce and marketplace product guidelines and adhere to best practices for listing, discoverability and conversions.

Simplify your task

With SKUmagic, your entire catalog can be quite comprehensive and benefit from product pages that convert into sales.

Identify poor performing SKUs and optimize your catalog offerings

As a Rithum customer, you want to maximize product exposure across all channels and marketplaces. SKUmagic believes that the fastest way to grow revenues and GMV is to build a high-quality optimized product catalog.

Most products never even get discovered by prospective customers. Unlisted products, products with listing errors and products without optimized content don’t sell.

SKUmagic generates a real-time Content Health Score that lets you measure, monitor and monetize your catalog across each channel. SKUmagic instantly identifies poorly performing products and categories.

As your Content Health Score improves, you list and convert more, boosting online sales!

Easily navigate the complexity of online content

Creating and managing product content comes with hundreds of dos and don’ts. SKUmagic gets it! At a minimum, sellers must:

  • Address compliance issues such as industry best practices, data quality standards, channel-specific rules, required fields, and regulatory data 
  • Keep up with correct product categorization, features & benefits, and titles & descriptions that meet customer expectations
  • Manage complex imagery requirements, including alt images and tags
  • Blend these efforts and generate organic keywords that match your marketing strategy

It is not uncommon for as much as 80% of products in a catalog to be unlisted (rejected) or have listing errors. Even successfully listed products rarely have optimized texts and images.

This is why virtually all sellers miss opportunities in discoverability, conversion, and optimization. You are not alone!

SKUmagic enables you to be both highly proactive and strategic by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) & analytics.

Become proactive

Many sellers tell SKUmagic that their data strategy is to feed Rithum with whatever data they have and fix issues when they’re discovered. They are constantly reacting to rejections, headaches, and errors. In today’s competitive world, you can’t afford to be in a reactive mode.

Another challenge online merchants face is being overwhelmed with an onslaught of ever-changing channel-specific rules and best practices. It is humanly impossible to check hundreds of complex rules manually, even if a catalog has fewer than 100 products. Many simply give up, or worse — they use Excel and hope for the best.

The end result? Merchants who deplete valuable resources unsuccessfully chasing channel and SEO requirements.

One thing is certain — brands, distributors and retailers would prefer to be proactive and minimize overhead by listing with first-time data quality supporting high conversion rates, especially in top categories. They understand the value of speed to market but lack the tools to get there. Until SKUmagic!

Ensure your products are complete, competitive & compliant

  • Identify priority SKUs to work on and help automate your efforts.
  • Simply score your store, collaborate with your team to improve that score and watch your products succeed online. 
  • Increase conversions & sales and decrease overhead & return rates with a great content health score.

Optimize your images

  • Our AI engine optimizes images for SEO and organic search. 
  • SKUmagic optimized images load faster, with text, such as titles and descriptions, that reflects your ad strategy.

Onboard with SKUboarding

SKUmagic’s SKUboarding module onboards products from suppliers and vendors using a unique cloud-to-cloud workflow, which guarantees getting the right data in real-time. Clients have been able to reduce months of onboarding time to under a week, and, most importantly, data and imagery meet standards and channel guidelines upon acceptance.

Get a clear return on your investment

SKUmagic ROI can be easily measured. SKUmagic will let you target and achieve a 50% increase in orders, simply by listing 20% more and converting 25% more. Monitor and measure results monthly to ensure you are on track.

That’s SKUmagic!

Get started on your top categories that generate 80% of sales and get them right! SKUmagic can help category managers focus on the 20% products and categories.

Don’t leave money online or lose to your competition.

Contact SKUmagic to try it risk free today!