Reduce your parcel and LTL spend by 10% to 30% with no disruption

Shipware provides expertise and technology to help businesses reduce parcel/less than load (LTL) shipping costs 10% to 30% with no disruption to current operations and no required change in carriers. Our team of industry experts leverages over 200 collective years of carrier pricing experience to help shippers negotiate superior shipping contract terms and pricing. Shipware’s proprietary technology audits weekly carrier invoices to recover refunds on all billing errors, ensuring proactive compliance of contract rates and terms, as well as on-time service performance. Shipware’s cloud-based reporting platform delivers powerful analytics for greater spend management visibility, empowering clients to make intelligent cost-saving transportation decisions. We offer additional services and a holistic set of transportation cost-saving solutions including special rate programs, LTL contract optimization, spend management reporting, invoice audit and carrier/mode optimization.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Access to resources who have negotiated thousands of carrier contracts
  • In-depth analysis of your transportation spend — no need to solely trust the carriers
  • Re-allocation of resources to focus on other critical initiatives
  • Shortened negotiation periods with the carriers
  • Proactive management of your transportation spend through rich reporting
  • More savings in your back pocket to apply to other department or company initiatives
  • Smarter routing decisions with real-time analytics

Connect and optimize your e-commerce with Rithum and Shipware.