Multicarrier Shipping Made Easy

ShippyPro is an all-in-one shipping platform that helps worldwide merchants easily manage shipments, tracking and returns of their e-commerce orders. Connect 60+ sales channels to a library of 110+ carriers, including international providers.

ShippyPro’s platform is available worldwide and its customer success team speaks five languages including: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Whether you are a big enterprise or a fast-growing startup, ShippyPro can help you scale and grow your business with exclusive and powerful e-commerce features such as:

  • Label Creator: Print hundreds of shipping labels in different formats (PDF, ZPL, PL) in one click.
  • Rates Comparison: Automatically compare all your carriers’ rates and always choose the best delivery option according to destination, price and estimated time of delivery.
  • Track and Trace: Track all your shipments from a single dashboard and filter by date, status of delivery, carrier and marketplace.
  • Tracking Notification: Send automatic tracking notifications to your customers with each change on delivery status. Customize your template, insert your logo, offer special discounts and coupons to boost repeated purchases.
  • Easy Return: Create your custom return portal according to your policy and set your own return rules. Embed your return portal on your website and set returns to autopilot.
  • Returns Analytics: Analyze return reasoning and use data-driven decisions to avoid returns.
  • Dynamic Checkout: Show real-time shipping rates at checkout and offer multiple delivery options to your customers. Integrate drop-off point delivery and show the nearest pickup location to your customers with a custom dynamic map.
  • Carrier Invoice Analysis: Control all your carrier invoices in a single dashboard and easily identify extra costs for each shipment. With Carrier Invoice Analysis you can identify wrong surcharges at a glance and send automatic complaints to your customers.
  • Cash-on-Delivery Manager: Import your cash on delivery orders automatically and keep track of the cash on delivery payments that your carriers owe you in a single dashboard.
  • Advanced Carrier Filters: Set automatic carrier rules by country, product dimensions, zip code, product value and create your own shipping routine engine. Avoid warehouse errors and always choose the best carrier for your shipments.
  • Universal Multicarrier API: Use a single API integration system to gain the attention of more than 110 carriers worldwide. Boost the global reach of your sales.

For larger enterprises and all the exclusive features of ShippyPro, further information is available via API and is ready to be connected to your ERP or WMS.

ShippyPro”s mission is to support e-commerce professionals while scaling their shipping and fulfillment process. That is why its platform and support services are available in five languages including English, Italian, French, German and Spanish and its customer success team is always happy to help you scale your online business.

Register your account for free and enjoy a free plan of 30 monthly orders, available anytime!