SearchSpring® boosts sales by unleashing findability with advanced site search and category navigation for your shopping cart. Providing faceted navigation, smart search results, and IntelliSuggest® technology to lift conversions and improve speed, scalability, and intelligence.

Results average a 3-400% lift in conversion rates, decreased bounce rates and bigger bottom-line revenues!

SearchSpring services are available on a monthly subscription basis. Please contact us for more information – Call 1 (888) 643-6043 or email.

SearchSpring Features:
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Site Search & Category Navigation

Advanced Site Search

SearchSpring is a highly advanced site search and navigation provider for ecommerce platforms. Backed by IntelliSuggest®, our site search learns from shopper interactions and product performance. Product results are optimized in real-time for the absolute best search results.

Rich Auto-Complete

Rich Auto-Complete displays a drop down of hyper-relevant search terms along with suggested and related products as shoppers use the search tool. Product images, price, name, and short description are included within the results to help shoppers quickly purchase what they’re looking for.

Mobile Site Search

Provide your catalog as a separate mobile site that is auto-generated by SearchSpring and powered with IntelliSuggest. No need to manage two data sets like you would with a typical desktop/mobile solution. Manage your store like normal; let SearchSpring handle your mobile site, automatically.

Category Navigation

Reduce click fatigue and empower your shoppers to browse how they like. Display categories, product attributes and additional custom facets to help shoppers find precisely what they want without multiple searches or page reloads. Remove shopping cart navigation limitations with our simple AJAX integration.

Enhanced UI & UX

Quick View

Give your shoppers the ability to quickly view detailed information about individual products and add those products to their shopping cart without having to click and leave the current results page.

Product Recommendations

Leverage your shopping data with IntelliSuggest to influence search results for each shopper. Display high performing product recommendations during the shopping experience to elevate average order values and customer satisfaction.

Product Comparison

Make it easy for shoppers to compare multiple products side-by-side. Product comparisons allow for shoppers to compare multiple products within a single page for quicker decision making, increasing revenues and improving the shopping experience.


Automated SEO

Using IntelliSuggest, SearchSpring builds a dynamic tag cloud with the most popular search queries that shoppers are using on your site. SearchSpring uses each query to build a highly-indexable, optimized landing page for each relevant product. Organic website visits, search engine rankings and sales improve effortlessly with our SEO automation.



Create banner campaigns for special promotions for limited dates, profitable products, discounts, sales, or any within product category available – the limit is your imagination. Managing effective merchandising campaigns couldn’t get any easier than this! Just set it, and forget it!

Facebook App

Generate your entire product catalog within your business’s Facebook page. Your search, category navigation, faceting, optimized category pages and even product pages, all inside Facebook, powered with IntelliSuggest! Turn your social media outreach into comprehensive merchandising opportunities.

Business Intelligence & Data Management


IntelliSuggest, our learning algorithm, monitors each shopper interaction, analyzes the interactions alongside product performance and returns the most relevant results for that shopper in real-time. Every shopper interaction influences our learning engine to continually refine product display for maximum revenue performance.

Data Feed Optimization

We’ll take your data feed and make it shine. As your data becomes more in-depth, our search exponentially improves the shopping experience for your customers. Elevating your revenue and delivering excellent service to every shopper.