What does it do? 
Associates use Salesfloor to create an online storefront, a personalized version of the retailer’s e-commerce site, where customers can connect and shop online directly with their store associate at any time.
After browsing in-store, undecided shoppers can continue their shopping experience online with their store associate. Customers get personalized product recommendations, read reviews, and also connect through chat and other collaboration services.

As a clienteling tool, Salesfloor’s mobile app helps store associates be more productive when they are not with a customer. Associates can send personalized, one to one messages and create product recommendations to drive shoppers back in store or buy online. They are empowered to communicate with customers using branded message templates and integrated products; so that shoppers can click and buy online, anytime.

Leading retailers using Salesfloor have experienced on average a 10x increase in online conversions and a 50% increase in online average sales.
With Salesfloor, customers get the shopping experience they are looking for, retailers increase sales, and associates have a new opportunity to grow their business.

How does it integrate? 

  • Minimal IT setup
  • Implementation and live training in under 60 days
  • Retailers implement Salesfloor’s JavaScript on their website
  • Salesfloor connects to retailer’s product and category feed
  • Salesfloor create custom designs to be approved by retailer

For more information please contact sales@salesfloor.net