Do you ship UPS or FedEx? If so you need Refund Retriever’s automated refund service. When any domestic or express package (even ground) is delivered even 60 seconds late, you are entitled to a full refund for that package! This 100% money-back guarantee is called a guaranteed service refund (GSR).

Refund Retriever has been helping shippers reduce shipping costs since 2006. We are a full service small parcel auditing company: we monitor all of your packages for lateness and general billing mistakes. Refund Retriever finds the late deliveries, files the claim with FedEx or UPS, and ensures you receive a full credit. We only get paid if you get paid first.

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Get refunds and save money with:

  • Late delivered packages
  • Bogus address corrections
  • Incorrect surcharges
  • Duplicate charges, & much more
  • Small Parcel Benchmarking (Free!!)
  • Tons of Reports and Analytics (Cost Per Pound Shipped, 3rd Party Billing)
  • How does Refund Retriever work?

Let’s say a package is scheduled to arrive on a Tuesday, but gets to the destination on Wednesday … Refund Retriever downloads your shipping invoices to identify the late deliveries and other billing mistakes. We submit the dispute and ensure you get a full refund. Our system is independent of any of your shipping software, all we need is access to invoices online. Our reporting features provide many money-saving insights into your shipping habits and contract discounts.

Performance based pricing, you save nothing we charge you NOTHING:

  • NO monthly fees
  • NO long contracts
  • NO risk

Tons of reports and analytics:

  • Late Delivery Reports
  • Zone and Weight Analytics
  • Discount Rate Benchmarking
  • Unauthorized Third Party Reports
  • Undelivered Package Reports
  • and many more!