Enter the Korean Market Successfully with E-Vision Global Networks

The Korean e-commerce market is growing rapidly each year, yet there are realistic barriers to entry, such as individual policies, legal risk hedging limits and customized data processing for each marketplace. Specific challenges include:

  • Individual pricing, delivery and refund policies in each marketplace. Entering as an individual requires a lot of time and money investment. Individual marketplaces do not have a high proportion of direct purchase sales compared to total sales, so it is difficult to handle 1:1 linkage with suppliers.
  • Marketplace transaction responsibilities placed on the seller. There is no functionality to check customs clearance codes and to filter products that cannot be sold in Korea. If caught by the authorities, sellers are responsible for transaction suspension and legal risk.
  • Particular data required by each platform. It is necessary to provide data tailored to the standards of each marketplace, such as translation and customized image provision.

To address the obstacles to entering the Korean e-commerce market, E-Vision developed a middleware called PopinBorder. It provides a totally integrated solution to the major Korean online marketplace platforms where you can enter and grow the Korean e-commerce market without risk or understanding of the complex characteristics of the market, laws and customs clearance. E-Vision provides full service for local marketing, customer service, full payment and transportation. Plus provides the lowest shipping rates, which is one of the biggest hurdles to cross-border trade in the Korean market.

Want to provide your customers with the ability to purchase overseas products in a more convenient and cost-effective way? And deliver products purchased by Korean consumers safely and accurately?

E-Vision provides a fulfillment service at competitive prices with delivery available within three days using express shipping service.

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