Paysfer eMart: Stand out from the crowd while creating a positive impact


Paysfer eMart is an e-commerce marketplace based in New York, that sells all the categories of goods, in growth phase. We charge a 6 % flat fee to our sellers and hence offer 3 to 5 % lower prices to customers.

New Tech platform: we just launched a best tech in space platform with faster speeds, scalable for high volume product upload & customer interaction , seo friendly, AI powered search and minimize cloud hosting costs. Above techs would minimize the need for high manual labor costs as in legacy ecommerce platforms and we plan to pass on savings to customers.

Products: Currently we have 57,000 products, in most of the categories, rapidly growing to a goal of 10 mil by end of the year. Vendors are mostly based in the US, with some in the UK & Asia. We plan to accept select non-US based vendors worldwide with high quality products, delivery times in the coming months. Plan to sell to most categories except a few restricted items.

Dropshipping: model would be added in the coming months.

Wholesale: a site would be live for B2B and business needs. Referral fees would be negotiated with individual sellers.

eMart Marketplace: in US and around the world can contact us at and at our upcoming

New Media: A live streaming platform with a ‘Shopping channel’ for products reviews by college students and sellers live in spring.   Live stream shopping –  for select sellers in spring

  • NY based  marketplace, Sells all categories of goods, in growth phase
  • 6 % flat seller fee, eco friendly
  • A new advanced tech, faster platform just launched
  • A live stream shopping channel would be available for select sellers in spring