Payability is a financing company that provides Amazon and ecommerce sellers with daily cash flow and lump sums of growth capital. Since 2016, we have advanced over $1 billion in marketplace payments to thousands of ecommerce sellers.

Our friction-free financial solutions which include Instant Access, Instant Advance and the Payability Seller Card were created to give sellers the speed and scalability they need to buy more inventory, shorten lead times from suppliers and keep up with customer demand. Payability doesn’t do credit checks. Instead, our underwriting process is based on a seller’s marketplace account health and sales performance. Here’s how our products work:

Instant Access

Instead of waiting weeks to receive your marketplace earnings, Payability Instant Access makes your earnings available the next day, everyday. Receiving your earnings daily boosts your cash flow and gives you more control of your business growth.

Instant Advance

An Instant Advance is an advance of future cash flows, giving the seller a month of payouts up front. Sellers use their Instant Advance capital to launch new products, buy inventory in bulk and take advantage of seasonality. This allows you to leverage your account health and sales performance to make an investment in your business.

Payability Seller Card

With Payability Instant Access, you can either spend all of your daily marketplace payouts on the Payability Seller Card and earn up to 2% cash back or transfer a percentage of your daily payouts to your bank account.

  • Benefits of the Payability Seller Card Include:
  • Up to 2% cash back on all spend
  • Up to 20% exclusive cash back when you sign up for select seller tools and pay with the Payability Seller Card
  • 24/7/365 access to your marketplace sales
  • Physical card you can use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No credit checks and fast approval process
  • Earn cash back immediately as you spend – no waiting months for cash back and no cash back minimums