Price Drops When You Crowd Shop

MassGenie is a crowdsourced marketplace specifically designed and curated to provide a fun, memorable shopping experience. It brings people together to discover products, explore online communities and share stories about common interests.

MassGenie’s unique model:

  • Offers people opportunities to make their voices heard
  • Gives buyers, through “Power Deals” built by sellers, leverage to drive the action through crowd-shopping fueled by social media
  • Awards sellers the ability to compete to offer buyers the deepest discounts

The MassGenie marketplace represents a powerful opportunity for merchandise sellers in all categories seeking volume sales in a fast-paced, socially interactive marketplace. Enthusiasts have the opportunity to co-create the next product line with brand influencers and other community members who share the same passions.

Unlock your full selling potential with MassGenie and Rithum. Reach out to us today for more information and to get started.