Increase customer lifetime value for each of your acquired customers

Listrak works with more than 1,000 retailers and brands to drive higher levels of engagement and revenue with its customers by providing leading-edge email, SMS and behavioral marketing solutions. With Listrak, retailers gain more than a technology platform ̶ they gain a long-term, strategic partnership with retail marketing experts who can help execute growth strategies.

Cross Channel Synergy from your Rithum Account to Personalized Messaging:

  • Behavioral Based Triggers: From browse and engagement activity to purchase and lifecycle events, countless indicators point to where the customer is in their unique journey.
  • Abandonment Messaging Suite: Deliver strategically timed personalized messages that re-engage active shoppers and nurture them forward to capture otherwise lost revenue.
  • Predictive Product and Content Recommendations: With dynamic real-time product recommendations, you can automate and optimize your merchandising decisions and feel confident that you are showcasing the right products to deliver the best user experience that is most likely to convert.
  • Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition: Spend your ad dollars more efficiently by linking your customer database directly to social ad platforms to efficiently target site visitors who don’t subscribe, while excluding those already on your marketing list.
  • Smart Social Campaign Audiences: Unleash the power of your 360° customer segmentation data within Listrak to drive paid search and social audience strategies.
  • SMS / MMS: Acquire new customers and nurture existing behavior throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Broadcast and Triggered SMS: Create the right mobile experience through personalized, regularly scheduled broadcast messages and timely, relevant transactional SMS that go beyond order confirmation to include loyalty/reward triggers, time-triggered reminders, claim processing alerts, account-based alerts and more.
  • MMS: MMS (Multimedia Message Send) allows you to send photos, gifs or longer text (1,000 characters plus an image) to add a fun and engaging layer to your mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Cross-Channel Interactions: Create carefully orchestrated cross-channel messaging. Easily add transactional SMS messages, triggered by API, to automated campaign conversations in Listrak Conductor workflow tool.
  • LISTRAK CRM – A single source of truth: Direct integration inside the Listrak platform to go beyond reporting to make insights actionable. Complete view of all your customers across devices, channels and identities.

Predictive Analytics Targeting and Personalization:

  • Predicted Future Spend – Know which customers will spend the most over the coming 12 months.
  • Likelihood to Purchase – Predictive probability of shopper placing an order.
  • Likelihood to Click – Predictive probability of contact clicking email link.
  • Discount Affinity – Score determining a customer as full-price or discount shopper.
  • Predicted Lifecycle Stage – Identify customers at-risk or churned based on individual behaviors.
  • Likelihood to Open – Predictive probability of shopper opening an email.
  • Likelihood to Unsubscribe – Predictive probability to unsubscribe from email list.
  • Coupon Affinity – Identifies customers who exclusively, frequently or never use coupons when placing orders.

Increase customer lifetime value for each of your customers acquired through Rithum campaigns.