Real Time Omnichannel Personalization at Scale


LiftIgniter helps companies benefit from real-time machine-learning-based recommendations using first-party data in their digital properties (web, mobile, email, push, etc.).

Personalization is most effective if it’s based on what the consumer is doing at that moment. Our platform detects, processes and acts on these interest signals in a fraction of a second and at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a solution with an internal team.

Our products scale from support for up-and-coming startups to solutions for the largest brands. E-commerce companies use LiftIgniter’s technology to show a personalized set of recommendations designed to optimize conversion rate, increase cart size and drive other KPIs, in sections like “Recommended for you” or “You might like.” In short, we help e-commerce customers easily leverage their first-party data to drive compelling business outcomes.

LiftIgniter offers the most flexible, powerful and easy-to-deploy solution available on the market, touching close to 200 million users worldwide with upward of 200 billion recommended items per month.

LiftIgniter has partnered with Rithum to provide everything you need to drive your business goals.

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