Fruugo simplifies buying products from around the world.

Our mission is to provide great choice and the freedom to shop safely wherever you are, for whatever you want, through one global marketplace. is the only global e-commerce marketplace business that makes it easy for retailers to sell globally, offering the widest choice of products from all around the world in each shopper’s language and currency, displayed through one secure global marketplace.

Fruugo has grown considerably in recent years, and now works with hundreds of retailers from all over the world that wish to trade globally. Its largest markets outside the UK and Europe are the USA, Australia and the Nordic countries. Fruugo also licenses its technology to brands looking to accelerate their international e-commerce business.

Top Reasons to Sell with Fruugo:

  • Translate Your Products — Using our translation technology, we translate your products into 28 languages
  • Convert Your Prices — Be paid in your own currency, yet sell in 28 languages without any risk
  • Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees — Only pay when you make a sale

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, brands and retailers that want to reach consumers by expanding to multiple marketplaces need the support of a robust platform capable of transforming their product data, optimising those marketplace connections and managing orders.

Rithum’s integration with Fruugo helps our customers take advantage of international markets. Reach out to us to learn more.

Fruugo designates Rithum its “Partner of the Year” in 2019.