FlexShopper: A Whole New Way to Shop

FlexShopper is an innovative financial and technology services company founded with two core goals:

  • Usher the proven brick-and-mortar lease-to-own (LTO) business model into the digital age
  • Provide hardworking people who have low credit or low cash reserves with the goods they need.

Our Service and Reach:

FlexShopper is the online leader for “Lease to Own Products”. Our e-commerce marketplace offers 90 million consumers access to dependable, quality products.

We enable merchants to reach our untapped demographic by offering affordable payment solutions on an incredible variety of products. And, by using our technology platforms, merchants increase their sales with no risk because FlexShopper pays 100% of the retail price.

FlexShopper provides incremental sales with:

  • 100% of retail price paid by FlexShopper to the merchant
  • No customer acquisition cost or hidden fees to merchants
  • Fulfilment by retailer to maintain company branding

FlexShopper is revolutionizing the Rent to Own industry. Sellers can use Rithum to list products on our lease-to-own e-commerce marketplace and reach a wealth of new audiences.

Regions Served:

US Only