Dresma is a global SaaS startup headquartered in Cupertino, California with the vision to democratize the creation of professional quality images and videos for eCommerce sellers across the world. We are leveraging AI to redefine the process of creating professional quality images and videos for eCommerce at scale.

Our DoMyShoot app and DresmaPost post production workflow leverage cutting edge image manipulation and data sciences to enable online sellers to generate high quality, effective images and videos at a fraction of their current cost and time.

DoMyShoot provides online sellers with a simple photography workflow to create marketplace ready images in no time. Sellers can easily follow the
in-app guides for their product category and get back ready to use images in multiple adaptations within 24 hours. Besides being a seamless solution to create product listings, DoMyShoot enables users to also pick from a variety of backgrounds to get stand out images for social media.

No matter what you sell – apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, electronics, furniture, real estate, cars, or food, DoMyShoot can make eCommerce
product photography hassle-free for you.

Get professional quality image enhancements in minutes with our cloud based post production platform and AI Powered Image Editing. Our workflow ensures your custom image outputs are accurate 100% of the time. With our automation workflows, scaling to meet your image retouching needs is simple!

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Seamless workflow for Visual content creation
  • Mobile app solution to enable anytime, anywhere photoshoots
  • AI enhancements to ensure high quality, consistent imagery
  • Outputs for zero rejection on marketplaces
  • Thousands of product centric backgrounds to share on social media