DCi has been connecting buyers and sellers in the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years. We have solutions for distributors competing in a rapidly-changing aftermarket industry, for independent resellers wanting to grow their business, and for manufacturers needing product management and guidance through the aftermarket’s complex distribution channels.

We are pioneers in electronic cataloging and product data standards, and helped establish many of the standard data standards in use today, such as ACES and PIES, as well as proprietary data formats used by many major resellers. We provide product content and data to thousands of resellers every day to help conduct commerce via online or in local shops.

DCi’s CatalogRack, a free B2B product search website, enables thousands of resellers each year to search and source over $1 billion worth of products from industry leading WDs and manufacturers. PIESfree service saves resellers thousands of hours of creating and cataloging product content for their sales and purchasing systems by providing rich, consistent and standardized product information.

Our eStore services makes it easier than ever for resellers to open their own online stores with turnkey websites to help the reseller at every level of business, from promoting products and services at a local level to selling online nationally or globally.