Unlock the Potential of Europe! Maximize your global reach with Brandon as a Merchant of Record (MoR) solution. Simplify market entry, manage taxes & compliance, localize pricing, streamline logistics, enhance customer trust, and mitigate risks.

Brandon is a Merchant of Record in Europe and UK.

Expanding into the European market through online marketplaces can greatly accelerate business growth and revenue. However, the complexities of cross-border selling are daunting and carry risks.

A Merchant of Record solution offers a strategic approach to penetrate the European market with ease and confidence.

By leveraging the expertise of Brandon, brands can focus on their core competencies, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and fully capitalize on the vast and diverse marketplace landscape in Europe.

As e-commerce continues to evolve, embracing the advantages of a Brandon solution is a prudent step for any business aiming for success in the European market

By assuming this role, Brandon Group becomes the legal entity for the sale, taking care of all financial, regulatory, and compliance aspects of the transaction.

This solution allows Brands to focus on their core operations and product development while delegating the complexities of cross-border selling to a reliable partner.

Brandon could speed up your go live on the marketplaces and simplify your activities.

Brandon creates your store on the marketplaces under our vat data, we customize the shop as you prefer according with the policy of the marketplace and we operate as an extension of your internal ecommerce team.

Thanks to a highly varied client portfolio, we offer extensive experience ranging across many areas including Fashion, Clothing, Furnishings, Cosmetics, Consumer Electronics, and more.