People are searchers. We search for a soul mate, dream job, recipe that doesn’t make for a dry Thanksgiving turkey and for that perfect pair of jeans. But the thing about searching is, it doesn’t always lead to finding.

The e-commerce experience is more search than find for many retailers. The problem is bigger than simply exposing your pages to Google or putting a search box on your site. The problem is data. Data about supply – the attributes of the products you sell and how they are organized on site. Data about demand – the language of queries and the extraction of intent from an individual shopper’s behavior. Making sense of that data in real time and acting on it at scale is the problem.

BloomReach solves that problem and helps searchers find what they’re looking for (the jeans, not the soul mate).

The BloomReach Personalized Discovery Platform helps you:

  • Acquire new customers with BloomReach Organic Search.
  • Engage and convert customers on your site by personalizing site search and category pages with BloomReach SNAP.
  • Uncover new opportunities to optimize your site by showing you where demand is failing to discover the right product mix with BloomReach Compass.

You sell what they want. BloomReach can help them find it.