The Situation

When HAIX launched its online shop, the goal was to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy their products. To increase brand awareness, they then started to sell independently via Amazon Marketplace. The company took this decision in the knowledge that more and more customers are now searching for products on Amazon, instead of using a traditional search engine.

“However, Amazon sales remained an incidental part of our activities. We didn’t have the resources to actively develop the marketplace,” explains Sebastian Michaelis, an E-Commerce Backend Administrator who is responsible for online sales. “Sales figures were not as good as we’d expected. We also realised that this wasn’t the way to increase product awareness.

HAIX decided that it needed help with increasing brand awareness effectively and selling more products via marketplaces.

The Solution

HAIX decided to work directly with Rithum because of its excellent reputation and proven track record. “What swung it for us was the knowledge that they covered all the bases. They provide us with a central business partner and use a system that also allows us to expand into other marketplaces too,” Michaelis explains.

HAIX opted for “Managed Services” for marketplaces and started to reap the rewards very soon after joining forces with Rithum. Their solution saves a considerable amount of time and effort because it uses just one product data feed for the various marketplaces.

“Order processing and product listings are now so much easier and more efficient thanks to Rithum,” says an enthusiastic Michaelis.

The Results

At present, HAIX actively markets its products on two marketplaces: their tactical boots are available from Amazon in Germany, France and the UK, and from ManoMano in Germany and France. “We noticed a multiple increase in our marketplace sales very soon after we started working with Rithum,” Sebastian Michaelis reports.

Employees are able to view the Buy Box report and competitor analysis in Rithum, which means that the company always knows exactly where it stands in relation to its rivals. Next steps and future strategies are discussed with business partners in regular face-to-face meetings.

The company is planning to expand into other European and national marketplaces to achieve its strategic target of increasing brand awareness and simplifying the purchase process even further. Thanks to Rithum, HAIX is confident that it is on track to meet these targets. “If I had to describe Rithum in three words, I’d say they are straightforward, professional and goal-oriented,” Michaelis concludes.

Location: Mainburg