The Situation

Traditionally, Gem Stone King sold through brick-and-mortar stores. In 2001, Nir Hollander joined his father’s company and took the business online. The company had always sold internationally, and Hollander was tasked with expanding Gem Stone King’s global sales on the internet. During this process, Hollander discovered how difficult it was to list and manage the company’s entire inventory on multiple online channels.

“Selling online is very challenging. In order to have thousands of items online, you need a system that gives you a unified solution,” said Hollander, who now serves as Gem Stone King’s president. “We offer new looks and new designs nearly every day. It’s a lot of work to list all our products on so many different marketplaces.”

The Solution

With the help of the Rithum Marketplaces team, Gem Stone King was able to automate the process of uploading inventory to online channels and expand the company’s global reach

Gem Stone King began using Rithum’s leading e-commerce technology to organize its product information, automate the inventory upload process and adjust product attributes and descriptions to meet each marketplace’s requirements.

“We always believed in having an international business, and we wanted customers all over the world to enjoy our products,” said Hollander. “With Rithum, we created a system that manipulated our detailed product information so we could sell on many different marketplaces,” said Hollander.

The Results

Gem Stone King has rapidly grown its presence on marketplaces since moving its inventory to the Rithum platform. Most recently, the company launched on Tmall Global. “We’re using Rithum to sell on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Shopping, Sears and more,” said Hollander.

The company’s success on marketplaces has broadened its international scope, allowing it to reach regions such as China, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.

“If an order is coming from the Chinese market, we have to check what’s available in our US inventory, which is all stored in Rithum,” said Hollander. “Without Rithum, it would take 10 people to manage this process.”

Location: New York, NY
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