The Situation

Soon after Dj’s Boardshop started selling on eBay in 2004, it ran into a problem that can be nice, but also frustrating: it was growing too fast. Manager Davin Johnson put it this way: “We hit a point of critical mass where we were going to have to bring more bodies on board or partner up with somebody who knew what they were doing.”

That’s exactly the kind of partner Johnson found in Rithum. “We were looking for a third party to help initially with our eBay auctions, and as we researched the alternatives, Rithum really stood out from the crowd,” Johnson said. “It was clear they were the leader of the pack.”

Dj’s Boardshop started working with Rithum in 2005, and ever since then, Johnson says, “they’ve been a great partner.”

The Solution

Rithum Marketplaces, in particular, has been a real boon to Dj’s sales and efficiency. “We’re using Marketplaces to really grow sales on eBay and Amazon,” Johnson said. “We recently did the Amazon integration, which was a very smooth and seamless transition. There are a lot more tools with Marketplaces, and we’re looking forward to using the solution to the fullest extent.”

That successful Amazon integration was no accident. Rithum Marketplaces automatically manages time-intensive data entry and enhances product visibility, enabling companies like Dj’s Boardshop to gain exposure to, target and acquire Amazon’s 152 million active buyers.

The Marketplaces offering achieves the goal of taking a single data feed from Dj’s Boardshop and, in minutes, optimizing its products and distributing them to Amazon and other channels.

Johnson found he liked all the Marketplaces capabilities. “One of the big deal-makers for us was what Rithum offered,” Johnson said. “There are really robust integration options, plus our orders import and update directly, and our inventory talks to Rithum.”

Another feature Johnson appreciates is the ability to export attributes. “We’ll pull out that data set, add what we need to, tweak what we need to and then bulk upload data back into Channel Advisor,” he said. “If we need to add new attributes or UPCs for eBay or we’re tweaking data sets for different marketplaces like Amazon, it saves a lot of time to be able to work with the data in that manner.”

The Results

Since signing up with Rithum, sales at Dj’s Boardshop have increased an impressive eleven fold. “Rithum has been a great partner, and they’ve definitely helped us sell more,” Johnson says.

Using Marketplaces has allowed Johnson to do more with reports, which he finds very helpful. Lately, Johnson says they’ve been making great use of the Cross-Channel Dashboard, which delivers key information on a product’s standing throughout the process of going live on Amazon, as well as throughout the lifecycle of the product listing from distribution to post-sale.

“It’s been really nice with the Cross-Channel Dashboard to be able to look back at the history of our account,” Johnson says. “It helps us with forecasting and getting an idea where we need to be positioned before our busy season starts.”

Being on top of the process rather than behind it is exactly what Dj’s Boardshop needed when it sought out Rithum’s help. Overall, Johnson gives the partnership a big thumbs up.

Location: St. Paul, MN
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