The Situation

As Crocs sought global expansion, the company looked for a global e-commerce solution provider to help manage its marketplace and digital marketing campaigns. Crocs wanted a provider that could help it establish an international presence through various e-commerce channels.

“We wanted a global partner to grow our marketplace presence as well as our product syndication for digital marketing integrations,” said Harvey Bierman, Crocs vice president of e-commerce technology and operations.

The Solution

After going through the evaluation process to find a solution provider, Crocs concluded that Rithum offered the best fit for its goals. Crocs discovered it could grow its global e-commerce business with the technology and services that Rithum provided.

“Rithum was able to service our needs in the US and in other markets as well, including Japan,” said Bierman. “During the selection process of our feeds and marketing integration vendor, Rithum showed that it had the technology, industry experience and client management that we value.”

Using Rithum Marketplaces and Digital Marketing, Crocs could upload its product data to the Rithum platform and match it to the format of each marketplace and digital marketing site where it wanted to increase the visibility its products visible.

“One of the really attractive things about Rithum is the one-to-many kind of relationship it provides,” said Bierman. “We send them one really robust product feed, and we’re able to use that feed in many different points of integration with third-party partners.”

The Results

Since working with Rithum, Crocs has substantially increased its revenue and expanded its global online presence. The company made more than $1 billion in annual revenue in 2014 and is selling in more than 90 countries all over the world, including expanding their business significantly in Australia and Japan.

“Since the internet makes the world so much smaller, it’s really about evolving the customer experience as their expectations have changed so dramatically,” said Bierman. “Rithum was able to help us meet these needs. It was important for us to have different e-commerce directors around the world and a single point of contact to engage with us about account management or sales optimization. That’s what led us to Rithum.”

Location: Niwot, CO
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