The Situation

  • Originally sold only on eBay
  • Wanted to grow its online business by selling on more marketplaces
  • Needed technology to integrate with more channels
  • Sought increased presence on eBay

In 2013, BHFO was selling only on eBay. The company wanted to integrate with emerging marketplaces that had recently launched. Additionally, the company was looking to put its best foot forward on eBay.

The Solution

  • Rithum Marketplaces to integrate with several new marketplaces

BHFO started using Rithum Marketplaces to grow its online reach and sell on new marketplaces.

“We’ve taken advantage of the integration pieces with Rithum,” said Stacie Sefton, BHFO CEO. “Rithum has been amazing, helping us integrate with marketplaces like Amazon and Trade Me.”

A Rithum customer since 2006, BHFO had briefly parted ways with Rithum’s software in an attempt to build its own technology. However, the company soon realized that such a task wasn’t feasible and distracted them from their core business.

“We took a break from Rithum for a few years. We were working on some of our own custom technology,” said Sefton. “We soon realized that was a mistake, and we’re back today. The value Rithum offers through their sales expertise and by helping us diversify, manage inventory and provide the best customer service is exceptional.”

The Results

  • Became eBay’s largest apparel seller in the world
  • Grew its business 200% the first year after coming back to Rithum
  • Expanded to six new marketplaces in 16 months

After returning to Rithum and using its software, BHFO expanded significantly. The company has added many new channels and continues to grow, both domestically and internationally.

“Once we came back to Rithum, we grew our business 200%. We’re now eBay’s largest apparel seller in the world,” said Sefton. “We’re integrating with and MercadoLivre right now. We can’t imagine what our business would be like without Rithum. We have a lot of opportunities that we didn’t have prior to Rithum.”

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
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