ChannelAdvisor for Brands
Service Level Expectations (SLE)

  1. Definitions.
    1. “Available” means that the ChannelAdvisor site or server is available for use by the customer’s users (“Users”).
    2. “Unavailable” or “Unavailability” means the ChannelAdvisor site or server it is not available for use by Users.
    3. “Business Hours” means the hours between 05.00 a.m. and 11.59 p.m. GMT (or BST as applicable) each day.
    4. “Emergency Downtime” means Unavailability of the ChannelAdvisor site or server which results from ChannelAdvisor suspending the operations to undertake emergency repairs.
    5. “Excused Reason” shall mean any of the following: (i) an event of Force Majeure; (ii) a failure or fault with any equipment belonging to, or used by the customer, including its servers; (iii) any act or omission and/or any default or delay by the customer; and (vi) any period of Planned Maintenance or Emergency Downtime.
    6. “Planned Maintenance” means Unavailability to any person due to the need to undertake routine maintenance planned in advance by ChannelAdvisor.
    7. “Services” mean the activities performed by ChannelAdvisor for the customer related to ChannelAdvisor Brands solutions.
  1. Service Level Expectations.
    ChannelAdvisor estimates the site or server will be Available for use by Users at least 99.0% of the total time measured over a calendar month period, excluding time attributable to an Excused Reason. Issues will be categorized and handled as follows.
CategoryDefinitionTarget Response TimeTarget Resolution Period
CriticalUsers of the customer’s website are unable to access the Services due to a total server failure; OR

Extremely serious interruptions to the Services making them inaccessible for Users.

Within 2 Business Hours of notification30% within 4 Business Hours of notification, 50% within 8 Business Hours of notification, 100% within 24 Business Hours of notification.
MajorUsers are unable to access the Services at country or individual website implementation level, due to a partial system failure.Within 2 Business Hours of notification50% within 8 Business Hours of notification, 100% within 24 Business Hours of notification.
MinorAny other problem with the operation, format or appearance of the Services (not related to Planned Maintenance) or other system under ChannelAdvisor’s control.Within 2 Business Hours of notificationWithin 10 business days of notification
  1. Planned Maintenance.
    ChannelAdvisor is entitled to suspend operations in order to undertake Planned Maintenance. Where ChannelAdvisor intends to undertake Planned Maintenance, then ChannelAdvisor shall provide the customer with as much notice as is reasonably possible, but no less than forty-eight (48) hours’ notice.
  1. Emergency Downtime.
    It may be necessary on rare occasions for ChannelAdvisor to suspend the operations in order to undertake emergency repairs. Where ChannelAdvisor has to undertake such action, then ChannelAdvisor will give advance notice of maintenance, unless, in ChannelAdvisor’s sole discretion, it is impractical to do so.