1. Services Description. Where Self-Service Plus Services are designated in an SOW, ChannelAdvisor will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the following Services directed toward the “Self-Service Plus” program as detailed in the SOW, and Customer agrees to accept such Services. The Services include:
    1. Monthly Calls With Customer Led by ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor will review Customer’s performance on select online marketplaces and offer suggestions and best practices to optimize marketplace effectiveness and expansion to achieve Customer’s business objectives, delivered on a scheduled monthly call.
    2. “How-To” Consulting and Guidance via Email. ChannelAdvisor will offer email-based guidance on best practice information or how-to questions presented by the Customer, related to Customer’s activities on select online marketplaces. This service is in addition to and separate from technical support that may be provided by ChannelAdvisor and will be available during regular business hours, EST. This service is also separate from and shall not to overlap with some paid services provided by ChannelAdvisor, including Implementation Services. ChannelAdvisor’s estimated response time to Customer issues will be within one (1) business day. Guidelines on best questions to ask of this team will be provided to the Customer at kickoff of the Services.
    3. Hands-On Consulting Assistance in Customer’s ChannelAdvisor Platform account (Up to Five Hours). Customer will be given up to five (5) hours of hands-on consulting services within the Customer’s ChannelAdvisor Platform account. The menu of services available for this service will be provided to Customer upon commencement of the Services, and is subject to change. Hours will reset at the beginning of each calendar month and shall not roll over to the next month. Additional services or hours may be purchased by Customer. One (1) additional hour per month may be allocated toward a phone call related to the hands-on services upon mutual agreement of the parties (no rollovers). These five (5) hours may also be allocated toward the activities described in Section 1(b) herein upon mutual agreement of the parties.
  2. Services Requirements. ChannelAdvisor’s performance of the Services is subject to Customer’s ongoing fulfillment of the following requirements to ChannelAdvisor’s reasonable satisfaction.
    1. Customer is responsible for opening and maintaining in good standing all necessary Network Site accounts and agreeing to, and complying with, all applicable requirements for such accounts.
    2. Customer, and not ChannelAdvisor, is solely responsible for any modifications and any results of such modifications that Customer makes to the Network Site Accounts for which ChannelAdvisor provides the Services.
    3. Except as detailed above, Customer is responsible for performing recommended actions within the ChannelAdvisor Platform account at Customer’s discretion and in accordance with Customer’s business policies and objectives.
    4. Customer must dedicate the effort necessary to configure and utilize the Services in a timely manner.