Rithum Connector for NetSuite® (“the Connector”) provides transmission of product and order data between the NetSuite platform and the Customer’s Rithum account.

The Connector includes the following features:

  • Full product catalog sync daily
  • Product availability and price sync every 15 minutes
  • Order import every 15 minutes
  • Shipment tracking update every 15 minutes
  • Rithum order tracking code installation to SuiteCommerce®

To use the Connector a Customer will need to provide their NetSuite Account ID to Rithum. The Customer is responsible for the configuration of the Connector within their NetSuite instance.

Restrictions and Assumptions

  • Product Data, including quantity and price, will only sync one-way, from NetSuite to Rithum, not both directions.
  • The Connector does not process refunds or cancellations.
  • Only shipment carrier information from the “Item Fulfillment Ship Via” field can be mapped to Rithum.
  • The date shipped may only be set to the “Item Fulfillment Transaction Date” in NetSuite. This cannot be customized.
  • The tracking number will only be sent from the “Item Fulfillment Tracking Numbers” field in NetSuite. This cannot be customized.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to payment of applicable Fees and compliance with applicable usage restrictions, Rithum hereby grants, and Customer accepts, a limited, nonexclusive, nonassignable, revocable, nontransferable license, without right to sublicense, to access and use the Connector. The Connector constitutes Rithum Technology as that term is defined in the Agreement.

The license for the Connector is effective as of the associated SOW Effective Date and continues for twelve (12) months (“Initial Term”) or for such other period as is detailed in the SOW. Thereafter, the license renews automatically for successive one-year periods (“Renewal Term(s)”) (Initial Term and Renewal Term, each a “Term”) unless either party gives written notice to the other party at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the Initial Term or respective Renewal Term, that it does not wish to auto-renew the license. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the license granted for the Connector shall terminate automatically upon expiration or termination of the applicable SOW for the Rithum offering with which the Connector is used. Rithum reserves the right to discontinue the Connector as of the end of Customer’s then-current Term. The Connector includes functionality which will cause the Connector to stop working upon (a) Customer’s breach of the license; (b) discontinuance of NetSuite’s distribution mechanism or other NetSuite functionality that operates in conjunction with the Connector; or (c) upon expiration of the Term if payment is not received by Rithum prior to such date. This functionality shall not constitute a virus or otherwise be construed as detrimental code for purposes of the Agreement. Rithum is not obligated to keep the Connector operational if Customer is in breach of the Agreement, has not paid any undisputed amounts due under the Agreement, or if Rithum is prevented from doing so by the acts or omissions of third parties outside of Rithum’s control and Rithum shall not be responsible for damages caused by the resulting interruption. Upon any expiration or termination, Customer shall delete and destroy the Connector and all copies of related Documentation. The parties agree that Rithum may push automatic modifications to the Connector functionality to Customer without prior notice.

The Connector may be used solely in accordance with its Documentation and only as detailed herein. The Connector is Rithum’s proprietary and Confidential Information and may not be shared with any third party, including a third party e-commerce technology provider. Customer may use the Connector only in combination with the Rithum Platform. Customer may not use the Connector for the purpose of using or developing a product or service, or assisting another in its efforts to use or develop a product or service,that competes with Rithum offerings, or for bringing an intellectual property claim against Rithum.

Rithum does not provide installation and configuration services for the Connector. Documentation and support for the Connector may be found on the Rithum online Strategy and Support Center located at https://knowledge.channeladvisor.com/kc. Rithum has no liability to Customer for failures based on functionality not provided by Rithum, or for compatibility issues or operation problems with the Connector that result from changes made by NetSuite or other third parties, or for actions Customer takes in reliance on those changes.

NetSuite and SuiteCommerce are registered marks of NetSuite Inc. All rights reserved.