Optimization: Listing Error Resolution Services

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Rithum will provide Listing Error Resolution Services directed toward identifying and correcting inaccurate product listing data with the goal of making Customer’s listings on Network Sites (specifically Amazon and/or eBay) more efficient and streamlined. Rithum will review the listing errors and data corrections for the number of hours detailed in the SOW and provide a data improvement plan to Customer as more specifically described below.

MILESTONES: The Customer will be assigned a designated Rithum Professional Services contact (“Professional Services Manager”) as the primary contact at Rithum to facilitate the Listing Error Resolution Services. These Services include the following:

Initial product listing error root cause assessment by Professional Services Manager.

Product listing error resolution and data corrections by Professional Services Manager.

Professional Services Manager provides data improvement plan after the above services have been completed. This plan outlines suggestions for the Customer to maintain data in a structure which avoids Network Site listing errors.

The Professional Services Manager will make the documented modifications to the Customer’s product listing data according to the plan, including any mutually agreed-upon modifications to the plan. Any listing errors requiring the Customer’s attention will be documented for the Customer to resolve. Unless directed otherwise by Customer, Rithum will not address any new listing errors that occur after the applicable SOW Effective Date. Rithum is not responsible for recurring listing errors caused by deficiencies in the Customer’s data file.