1. Description of Services: ChannelAdvisor will provide the following services to assist Customer with setting up certain elements of Customer’s ChannelAdvisor Platform account to facilitate Customer’s transition to the ChannelAdvisor Platform (“Launch Services”). The Launch Services include training on general Module settings and the associated features of supported Network Sites. The Customer will be assigned a ChannelAdvisor launch team (“Launch Team”) and primary Launch Team contact at ChannelAdvisor (“Launch Manager”) to provide the Launch Services outlined below. The Launch Team will be responsible for establishing up to 9 calls for the Launch Team to provide launch plan progress updates and go over questions related to the setup, usage, and function of Customer’s ChannelAdvisor Platform account. Customer will also have access to the Launch Team via email for the duration of the Services Period indicated in the SOW. After project completion, the Launch Team will transition Customer to the ChannelAdvisor Customer Support Team (“ChannelAdvisor Support Team”), which handles technical and other support case inquiries.
  2. Requirements and Assumptions.
    1. Customer must:
      1. Create and maintain in good standing active Network Site accounts prior to the Effective Date and complying with all Network Site terms and conditions. Customer will staff its respective launch team with individuals who have a basic understanding of each included Network Site. Customer will grant ChannelAdvisor appropriate Network Site account access needed for the completion of the Launch Services. Customer authorizes ChannelAdvisor to assist in the setup of such account, as needed, and accept the applicable terms on Customer’s behalf. If Customer has special negotiated contracts with the Network Site that affect the obligations of Customer and ChannelAdvisor under the SOW, Customer will disclose these negotiated or special terms to ChannelAdvisor at the outset of the Launch Services process.
      2. Set up shipping tables and tax calculations where applicable. Checkout occurs on the Network Site.
      3. Complete any necessary revisions to its inventory data (quality and accuracy of inventory data can affect success of listings).
      4. Be able to accept orders with cleared payments.
      5. Have one SKU/inventory number per item relationship in place. SKU value character is limited based on each Network Site’s requirements. Customer must provide inventory data and attributes required by Network Site (for example, automotive parts compatibility, variation data, catalog data and Global Trade Identification Number data such as UPCs, EANs, ISBNs and other attributes required by such Network Sites as applicable).
      6. Be familiar with software tools to manage its catalog data and uploads to ChannelAdvisor (i.e., Excel or similar spreadsheet applications, PIM, ERP, OMS, etc).
      7. Provide data in a format that can be received by ChannelAdvisor.
      8. Provide a URL for hosted images in proper format (https://example.jpeg) or via other collaborative sharing tools (i.e., FTP transfer, shared drivers, Box.com account, etc.) and provide Network Site with images that comply with the requirements for their category and product, including but not limited to, size and quality (i.e., some Network Site categories require images with white backgrounds, some categories prohibit the use of mannequins in images).
      9. Provide parent/child variation relationships as reasonably required by ChannelAdvisor for SKU attributes and other items that apply.
      10. Provide all customer care and communications with Customer’s consumer customers.
      11. Perform all work necessary to appropriately integrate with ChannelAdvisor’s API. All documentation and technical support is provided via ChannelAdvisor’s Developer Network Google Group/Forum (https://developer.channeladvisor.com).
      12. Make available appropriately knowledgeable and authorized Customer staff, with decision-making authority, to support the ChannelAdvisor project team’s development efforts of Customer’s inventory file. Customer’s personnel will collaborate with ChannelAdvisor throughout the Launch Services by attending calls, providing status updates, performing Customer Responsibilities described in Section 3 of this Addendum, and providing prompt feedback to ChannelAdvisor.
      13. Respond to ChannelAdvisor inquiries within commercially reasonable responses times. Customer’s failure to do so may result in extended project timelines and/or potential additional fees.
    2. Customer acknowledges that the training and launch service offered by ChannelAdvisor is only a supplement to the documentation available on the ChannelAdvisor Knowledge Center (https://knowledge.channeladvisor.com/kc) (“Knowledge Center”) and Customer is responsible for familiarizing its personnel with this knowledge base resource.
    3. Customer is responsible for all third-party fees imposed by Network Sites applicable to Customer’s activities and ChannelAdvisor’s access to such Network Sites.
    4. The Launch Services are limited to assistance with Customer setup of one Posting Account for the Network Site. A “Posting Account” means an account used within the ChannelAdvisor Platform to post information on Network Sites.
    5. ChannelAdvisor has relied on these underlying requirements and assumptions, and they form the basis for the project scope, timelines, and Fees for this effort. Deviation from these assumptions or the project scope, may cause changes to the time estimate, Fees and expenses, deliverables, and level of effort required, or otherwise impact ChannelAdvisor’s performance of the Launch Services and ChannelAdvisor will not be responsible for delays, costs, or other obligations resulting from the inaccuracy of these assumptions.
  3. Launch Steps and Responsibilities. For purposes of clarification, and “X” within a column indicates the party responsible for the steps or tasks identified in the corresponding row. Customer acknowledges and agrees that Steps indicated in the following chart may delayed if Customer fails to fulfill the Customer Responsibilities and that ChannelAdvisor’s performance is predicated upon such responsibilities being fulfilled by Customer.


Customer Responsibility

ChannelAdvisor Responsibility

Step Description


Task – Review Launch Process


Customer reviews the specific Network Site “Getting Started” guide provided by ChannelAdvisor for an understanding of the steps required when launching such Network Site.


Task –Welcome Email to Schedule Kick Off Call (“KOC”)


ChannelAdvisor sends Welcome email to Customer with an invitation to set time for Kick Off Call with applicable stakeholders.


Call – Kick-Off Call



During KOC, Launch Manager reviews the project timeline and responsibilities of the launch with stakeholders.

Launch Manager gathers information from Customer regarding current business processes, fulfillment, and 3rd party integrations.

Launch Manager sends follow-up email to Customer with implementation presentation and proposed timeline.


Call – Network Site Settings and Order Fulfillment



Launch Manager will review applicable Network Site navigation settings and order fulfillment. ChannelAdvisor will prepare Customer for the next steps of product import process, where necessary.


Task – Sample SKUs Submitted



Customer prepares and sends the list of SKUs that will be listed on the Network Site first for testing purposes to Launch Manager. These SKUs should contain all the information required by the Network Site and be representative of the additional products Customer has added or will add to its ChannelAdvisor Platform Account.

ChannelAdvisor uses Customer SKU data to pre-map Network Site template. These SKUs will be used as Customer validates the setup of its ChannelAdvisor Platform Account.


Task – Launch Test SKUs



Launch Manager pushes the test SKUs to the applicable Network Site and adjusts the template mappings as necessary. ChannelAdvisor may ask for additional Product Information to be added if the errors indicate additional or different data points are required (3-5 business days are typical for this step).

Customer is responsible for applying the applicable label to the SKUs selected prior to activation.

To confirm activation, Customer notifies Launch Manager and ChannelAdvisor turns the Network Site feed on.


Call – Test SKUs Review



Call is scheduled with the Launch Manager and Customer to review test SKU results. Initial errors are addressed. Launch Manager sends follow-up email with updated implementation presentation and timeline.


Task – Troubleshoot Errors


After the test SKUs live on the Network Site (where “live” means listings for such SKUs are publicly available to buyers on the applicable Network Site), Customer completes the remaining error resolution tasks. Customer may email Launch Manager for assistance where needed.


Call – Review Marketplace Optimization Features



Call is scheduled with Launch Manager to review marketplace specific optimization features within ChannelAdvisor Platform, if applicable.


Task – Complete Launch


Once Customer has validated its template setup, Customer continues push SKUs live to the Network Site in batches. Customer resolves errors as they arise. Customer consults Knowledge Center videos and tutorials and uploads inventory into the ChannelAdvisor Platform.


Milestone – Transition


Once Network Site template setup has been validated and Customer pushes sample SKUs live, Customer is ready to complete adding SKUs. Customer reviews Knowledge Center training materials on post-sale processing, Network Site reporting, and refund processing.

The Launch Team closes out the launch project and the Customer Support team becomes the point of contact for technical questions and error resolution moving forward.

Where applicable, the Customer’s Account Manager is the main point of contact for strategy moving forward.