DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: ChannelAdvisor will provide launch services directed toward assisting Customer with setting up certain elements of Customer’s ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services (CFS)  account (“Launch Services”). The Launch Services include training on general platform settings and the associated features of the platform. Customer will be assigned a designated ChannelAdvisor launch team (“Launch Team”) and primary Launch Team contact at ChannelAdvisor (“Launch Manager”) to provide the Launch Services outlined below. The ChannelAdvisor Launch Team will be responsible for establishing any necessary calls with Customer. During the calls, ChannelAdvisor’s Launch Team will provide updates on CFS account setup progress and assist Customer with questions related to the setup, usage and function of Customer’s CFS account. Number of calls with the ChannelAdvisor Launch Team will not exceed three (3) per Fulfillment Endpoint. Customer will also have access to the Launch Team via email for the duration of the Services Period.

After project completion, the Launch Team will transition Customer to the ChannelAdvisor Customer Support Team (“ChannelAdvisor Support Team”), which handles technical and other support case inquiries. As needed, the Launch Team will utilize the ChannelAdvisor Support Team to escalate or troubleshoot issues discovered during the launch process.
MILESTONES: The list below outlines the tasks and milestones required to configure, test, and launch the Customer’s Fulfillment Endpoints in CFS:

  • Project Kickoff – Kick-off call with Customer to discuss the launch process, key timelines and available resources.
  • Channel Connection – ChannelAdvisor will establish the connection from the ChannelAdvisor Platform to the ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Service. Customer is responsible for ensuring the Distribution Center is set up in the ChannelAdvisor Platform and products are loaded into the Distribution Center. The Launch Manager will advise on any recommended changes to product listings to facilitate product mapping, but any adjustments to how products are listed will be the responsibility of Customer.
  • Fulfillment Endpoint Connection(s) – Customer will provide necessary information to their Launch Manager to establish connections to and configure each Fulfillment Endpoint. This includes loading inventory and costs, establishing shipping cost formulas, mapping shipping methods, and creating any business rules necessary for the Fulfillment Endpoint.
  • Testing and Validation – Customer will approve a small subset of SKUs and provide them to the Launch Manager for testing purposes. The Launch Manager will connect each Fulfillment Endpoint to the ChannelAdvisor Platform, and confirm inventory is updating. The Launch Manager will also submit test orders to the Fulfillment Endpoint to ensure order submitting and  tracking updates are routing correctly.
  • Post–Sales Processing – Customer will review relevant SSC training material. The Launch Manager will be available to assist Customer with error resolution and fine tuning of routing logic.
  • Full Product Launch – The Launch Manager will launch the individual Fulfillment Endpoints. All launches can be done simultaneously or one at a time (it is recommended, but not required, that orders are correctly processing prior to transition from the ChannelAdvisor Launch Team).
  • Project Transition – Project is completed. ChannelAdvisor Support Team and ChannelAdvisor Communities become the point of contact for the Customer.

RESTRICTIONS AND ASSUMPTIONS: The Customer acknowledges that it is responsible for the following:

  • Customer is responsible for providing and maintaining, at its own risk, option, and expense, any hardware, software and communication lines required to access and use CFS.
  • Customer is responsible for creating and maintaining in good standing active accounts with Fulfillment Endpoints prior to the Effective Date and complying at all times with all Fulfillment Endpoint terms and conditions. Customer will have a basic understanding of each included Fulfillment Endpoint. Customer authorizes ChannelAdvisor to assist in the setup of such account, as needed, and accept the applicable terms on Customer’s behalf. If Customer has special negotiated contracts with the Fulfillment Endpoint that affect the obligations of Customer and ChannelAdvisor under the SOW, then Customer must disclose the terms of these contracts to ChannelAdvisor prior to signing paperwork (and obtain appropriate authorizations for such disclosures).
  • Customer is responsible for completing any necessary revisions to its inventory data (quality and accuracy of inventory data can affect success of listings).
  • Customer must be able to accept orders with cleared payments.
  • Customer will have one SKU/Inventory Number per item relationship in place. SKU value character is limited based on each Fulfillment Endpoint’s requirements. Customer is responsible for providing inventory data and attributes required by each Fulfillment Endpoint (i.e. automotive parts compatibility, variation data, catalog data and Global Trade Identification Number data such as UPCs, EANs, and ISBNs).
  • Launch services is limited to assistance with Customer setup of one Posting Account for the Fulfillment Endpoint.
  • Customer should be familiar with Excel or a similar spreadsheet application to manage its catalog data and uploads to ChannelAdvisor.
  • Customer is responsible for providing data in a format that can be received by ChannelAdvisor.
  • Customer is responsible for providing URL for hosted image in proper format (https://example.jpeg) and for providing Network Site with images that comply with the requirements for their category and product, including but not limited to size and quality. For example, some Network Site categories require images with white backgrounds whereas other categories prohibit the use of mannequins in images.
  • Customer must provide parent/child variation relationships for items that apply.
  • Customer shall be solely responsible for providing all customer care to Customer’s buyer.
  • Customer is responsible for performing all work necessary to appropriately integrate with ChannelAdvisor’s API. All documentation and technical support is provided via ChannelAdvisor’s Developer Network Google Group/Forum (
  • Customer acknowledges that the training and launch service offered by ChannelAdvisor is in support and supplement to the documentation available on online ChannelAdvisor Communities.
  • Customer will make available appropriately knowledgeable and authorized Customer staff to support the ChannelAdvisor project team’s development efforts of Customer’s inventory file. Staff must have decision making authority and be able to act on behalf of Customer.
  • Customer shall respond to ChannelAdvisor inquiries within commercially reasonable responses times. Customer’s failure to do so will result in extended project timelines and/or potential additional fees.
  • Customer is responsible for all fees imposed by Network Sites applicable to Customer’s activities, including fees applicable to ChannelAdvisor’s activities undertaken on Customer’s behalf, on the Network Sites.
  • Amazon – Customer must have completed the approval process for Amazon Pro Merchant program (or substantially similar successor thereto) and have access to Amazon’s Seller Central platform (or substantially similar successor thereto) before the start of the Services Period. If Customer has special negotiated contracts with Amazon (Gold or Platinum sellers) that affect the obligations of Customer and ChannelAdvisor under the SOW, then Customer must reveal the terms of these contracts prior to signing paperwork (and obtain appropriate authorizations for such disclosures). ChannelAdvisor advises against the use of ASINs to match to products for the Network Site.
  • Digital Marketing – At the beginning of the Services Period, Customer agrees to disclose any third-party tracking URLs or tags used (such as Google’s ValueTrack). The usage of such tracking mechanisms can greatly affect how ChannelAdvisor is deployed. Without disclosure of these tracking URLs, product destination URLs may become invalid if ChannelAdvisor is activated prematurely and without accounting for them. Customer is responsible for approving all campaigns before the activation of the campaign and for funding ad spends for such campaigns on the Network Sites. Customer is responsible for the installation of the natural and order ChannelAdvisor tracking pixels. ChannelAdvisor is not able to install ChannelAdvisor pixels for the Customer and is limited in the troubleshooting assistance ChannelAdvisor can provide as Customer website deployments can vary. Customer acknowledges that without a valid ChannelAdvisor pixel installation, ChannelAdvisor cannot provide assistance with reporting or automated bid rules, and full functionality of ChannelAdvisor cannot be used.
  • eBay – Customer will adhere to the 80-character limit for product titles on eBay, and such other rules as eBay may set forth from time to time. If applicable, Customer is responsible for negotiating Deal of the Day terms directly with eBay.
  • Marketplaces – Customer is responsible for providing information related to variation relationships, if used, at the onset of the project. Customer will not use seller-defined SKU to match to products in the Network Site’s catalog. Customer is responsible for providing the Marketplace categories and implementation of item specifics (training provided). Customer shall set up the applicable payment processing (i.e. PayPal or AliPay) and fulfillment accounts.
  • Mercado Libre – Customer must understand and adhere to Mercado Libre payment processing methods.
  • Tmall – Customer must have completed the approval process for Tmall Global and have access to Tmall Global platform before the Services Period begins. Customer is responsible for paying all TMall Global fees, including without limitation all TMall Global deposit amounts, directly to TMall Global.