Rithum API Consulting Services

The API Consulting Services are intended for the Rithum REST API only. The API Consulting Services are performed by a Rithum consultant and directed toward answering Customer questions about the capabilities of the REST API, advising Customer on best practices of the REST API, and proposing solutions to obstacles and/or objectives described by Customer involving the REST API. Upon request, Rithum will provide limited change support and issue management services related to the Rithum SOAP API; new integrations using the SOAP API are not included.

Session Options

  • 1-Hour Session:
    • What it is:
      • Q&A for Customer and/or their developers who want more information about how they can work with the Rithum REST API;
      • Scoping for Customers who intend to utilize an additional, longer session; scoping includes initial descriptions of Customer problems or desired changes;
      • Referral to 3rd party developer, if commercially feasible
    • What it is NOT:
      • An immediate solution to extensive or complex issues
    • If the Rithum consultant completes the scoping prior to expiration of the entire hour, the consultant may start an additional session if Customer has already purchased that session.
  • 5-Hour Session:
    • What it is:
      • In-depth Q&A with Rithum Support personnel, directed toward:
        • Setup support
        • Change support
        • Issue management
  • 10-Hour Session
    • Same offering as 5-Hour session
    • Intended for Customers whose issues require additional time.


  • Consultants will not troubleshoot Customer’s back-end application code.
    • Only the JSON API call that Customer sends to Rithum will be reviewed. All other issues are Customer’s responsibility.

Contact Protocol

  • Initial Contact: The Rithum consultant (“Consultant”) will reach out to the Customer contact via email to schedule the initial 1-hour session via telephone and screen-share application. During the 1-hour session, if Customer needs additional time for deeper consulting, the parties will discuss options for purchase of additional hours.
  • Response Times: Consultants will be available via email, with the following estimated response times:
      • Four hours during EST business hours – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
      • By the following business day, if the response comes after EST 3:00
      • By end of day on the next business day, if the response comes after 3:00 EST on Friday or during the weekend.
  • Communication Methods: Consultants will be available via telephone and  screen-share conferencing.
    • Calls and screen-share meetings must be mutually agreed upon at least four (4) hours in advance
    • Consultants are available for calls and screen-share meetings from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

All Consultant effort spent in relation to Customer’s project, even if not spent directly consulting with Customer via phone, is applied to the bundle of hours purchased.