Last Updated: April 12, 2024

1. General.

Commerce Solutions for Brands allows Customer to manage products, marketplace advertising, and/or orders on multiple Channels, and manage multiple data feeds, from a single user interface. Functionality includes inventory, invoice and listing management for supported Channels, order and fulfillment management, reporting, and Retailer Content.

2. What’s Required from Customer.

In order for Provider to provide Commerce Solutions for Brands, Customer is responsible for sending all Customer Data to Provider using a Provider-approved data feed, Provider’s API, API built in accordance with specifications in Provider Materials, or the Provider user interface. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in an OF, in order to use Commerce Solutions for Brands with certain retailer Channels, customer will need to purchase Launch Services.

Customer is responsible for identifying and applying (or advising Provider to apply) the appropriate sales, use, VAT, GST, and/or similar taxes for its products managed through Commerce Solutions for Brands. Customer will determine and pay all taxes applicable to these products.

3. Limitations.

Unless otherwise provided in the OF, Commerce Solutions for Brands includes an unlimited number of Channel connections and up to 1,000,000 SKUs per PID. A “SKU” refers to a code used for each unique product offered for sale by Customer. A “PID” or “Posting Account” means an account used within the Provider platform to post information on Channels.

Commerce Solutions for Brands supports up to the following quantities of product listings:

  • 350,000 listings each on Amazon and eBay Channels.
  • 600,000 product listings for each supported third-party Channel and each online webstore.
  • 600,000 inventory items on each retailer Channel.

Customer acknowledges that Channels indicated as an “emerging” in an OF are still in a developmental stage and may be limited in their capacity to support certain features. Such limitations may include limits on product listing volumes and/or orders, unavailable features or functionality, or other limitations consistent with early-stage releases. Connections to emerging Channels are provided on an “as is” basis and no credits or other compensation are available for lack of performance or functionality for emerging Channels.

4. Retailer Content.

Customer may use Provider’s Retailer Content Services to help Customer convert its original content into retail product content in the required format of the retailer Channel. Customer will provide product and/or inventory quantity to Provider using a data feed in a mutually agreed format, Provider’s API, or Provider’s user interface to receive Retailer Content. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in the OF to which this Schedule is attached, Customer will purchase a Launch Service for each retailer Channel that it uses with Retailer Content.