The benefits

  • Win the top spot: on Amazon, eBay and Walmart with our Algorithmic Repricer
  • Kickstart sales with our Velocity Repricer, which automatically adjusts pricing of your stale inventory until it begins to sell
  • Maximize profit margin by aligning pricing to your profitability goals
  • Unprecedented frequency control allows you to reprice the products that matter the most to you at a higher frequency
  • Predictive capabilities provide a real-time preview into how your repricing rules will compare to other retailers BEFORE you set your strategy
  • Gain Amazon insight including pricing trends, Buy Box competition, and your competitors


BundlesAlgorithmic Repricing (for Amazon, eBay and Walmart)

Rithum’s algorithmic pricing technology has one goal: Help you win the Buy Box or Best Offer position while maximizing profits.

Rule-Based Repricing

When our intelligent, rule-based repricer detects a price changes in products you carry,it looks at the business rules you’ve created and strategically adjusts your price.


Velocity Repricing

Product prices are adjusted automatically based on your goals — whether you want to extract more margin on fast-selling products or lower prices when sales are slow.

Pricing Flexibility

Set SKU-level maximum and minimum prices to meet your business requirements. Use repricing techniques individually or in combination.

Unmatched Scale in a Comprehensive Platform

Rithum’s repricing technology makes tens of millions of price changes daily on behalf of our customers. All from within a comprehensive platform that manages all aspects of your marketplace business.

Amazon Pricing Console

Discover pricing opportunities and gain deep insights into product performance on Amazon including pricing trends and Buy Box performance. Monitor the competitive environment.

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