Account Assessment: Marketplaces Feed Audit Service

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES:  Rithum’s Marketplaces Feed Audit service (“Services”) provides an evaluation of up to two (2) marketplace feeds within one (1) Posting Account in Customer’s Rithum Platform account. “Posting Account” means an account used within the Rithum Platform to post information on third party marketplaces and digital marketing provider websites. Evaluation of additional Posting Accounts is subject to additional Fees.

MILESTONES: Customer will be assigned a designated Rithum Professional Services contact (“Professional Services Manager”) as their primary contact at Rithum to facilitate the delivery of the Services, which includes the following milestones:

  1. Rithum will evaluate the following Posting Account features and components:
    1. Marketplace Templates
    2. Settings to drive efficiencies
    3. Stock and Traffic Analysis
    4. Categories and Filters
    5. Item Specifications
    6. Posting Errors
    7. Business Rules and Lookup Lists
    8. Repricer
    9. Utilization of other key features
  2. Rithum delivers an evaluation document to Customer which includes:
    1. Posting Account findings;
    2. Recommendations for changes to Posting Account and potential impact; and
    3. Instructions to guide Customer’s implementation of recommended changes.
    4. Rithum will review the evaluation document with Customer in a 30-minute session delivered via phone. The review will allow for Customer questions.


  1. The Services will be performed only once on Customer’s live Rithum configuration for one (1) Posting Account only, for up to two (2) feeds, of Customer’s choice. Only those SKUs that are included in the live feed will be included in the analysis performed by Rithum.
  2. This is an advisory service only and Rithum does not guarantee the Services will increase Customer’s conversion rates.