Overseeing the dispatching process with teamwork

The benefits

  • Manage inventory efficiently – Prevent overselling and customer satisfaction issues through automatic synchronization of current inventory levels
  • Optimize product data to comply with marketplace data requirements, and ensure consistency across channels through powerful data transformation tools
  • Save time and reduce complexity managing and updating your product catalog from a centralized interface
  • Scale selling efforts with ease as your catalog, channels, and consumer demand grows



Group individual products into bundles and keep your quantities in sync across bundles, individual SKUs and channels. Variations can also be part of bundled listings.

Consolidated Inventory Management

Reduce the possibility of overselling by synchronizing inventory quantity across all of your selling channels. Every time one of your products sells on one channel, the available inventory is automatically updated for all supported channels. Suppress products immediately with inventory blocking functionality.


Inventory Attributes

Include the characteristics that define a product so that it can be listed and found on a marketplace. Define custom attributes for added flexibility and more accurate product information.

Variation Listings

Relate products as variations to show that a product comes in different colors, sizes or other variables.

Robust Data Transformation Engine

Use powerful data transformation tools to supplement or improve product data, optimizing for the unique requirements of each marketplace.

All Items View

View and filter inventory information allocation across the sales lifecycle from a central interface.

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