What Is the Target Plus Marketplace?

Target Plus™ (or Target+) is the online marketplace of American retailer Target. The channel is an exclusive, invitation-only marketplace featuring just 650 sellers, which Target selects based on vendors’ expertise and ability to complement the Target.com product assortment. Though Target Plus is much smaller than its leading marketplace counterparts, it is able to provide more curated experiences for its 200 million monthly shoppers.

Current Target Plus categories include home and hardlines (electronics, toys and sporting goods). All sellers must undergo a vetting process to ensure they meet the strategic initiatives of each category. The marketplace is currently seeking sellers in all categories except motors and perishables. It plans to eventually expand into all categories currently carried by its 1P merchants in addition to launching into new categories.


The Benefits of Selling on Target Plus

Target Plus provides third-party sellers with a way to expand their reach in a targeted, strategic way. Target Plus e-commerce sellers benefit from:

  • Access to loyal Target shoppers
  • Co-partnership to determine the best assortment strategy to drive mutual growth
  • Limited competition at the SKU level, reducing undercutting
  • Seamlessly integrated partner listings throughout Target.com
  • Enhanced searchability to find your products
  • Convenient returns for customers at brick-and-mortar stores

Target Plus sellers benefit from a smaller, more manageable environment where they can focus on brand and audience expansion.


How to Sell on Target Plus

Sellers who are invited to participate in the Target e-commerce platform must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Sound financials. Target Plus will perform applicable financial and reputational background checks for seller candidates.
  • Price parity. Sellers are required to price products on Target Plus at parity with their other sales channels.
  • Brand and reputation. Selected brands must meet Target’s brand and reputation standards.
  • Approved products. Sellers must not carry or do business with entities that sell violent, political, explicit or adult-themed products or weapons.

If you’re interested in learning more about Target Plus, please contact us to learn more about the Target Plus category strategy and whether your products are aligned.


Excel on Target Plus with Rithum

Target Plus is part of Rithum™’s extensive network of channels and marketplaces. We help you execute Target Plus e-commerce best practices and manage your marketplace presence in one centralized place. You’ll have access to:

  • A Target Plus dashboard featuring the current status of all your products
  • Listings view and error management
  • Fulfillment and shipping management
  • Order cancellation and refund management
  • Test purchase capabilities

Beyond everyday channel management, Rithum also helps you optimize Target Plus sales. With Deal Planner, you can schedule price adjustments for your own short-term promotions or prepare for upcoming channel promotions. Choose price adjustments for a selected time period knowing they automatically revert to original price values after the promotion ends.

Once you start selling on Target Plus, the next step is advertising. Target Product Ads boost your product listings across search, browse and product detail pages on Target.com, as well as the app to increase traffic and sales.

Rithum can help you create and optimize retail media campaigns across dozens of retail sites in the US, Canada and Europe.

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