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The Hidden ROI Driver for B2B Distributors: Drop Shipping

How B2B Companies Can Leverage a Proven B2C Tactic to Drive Massive Revenue and Profit Growth in a Highly Capital-Efficient Manner

Tuesday, October 6th | 56 minutes

With COVID-19 driving urgency for B2B digital transformation, the call to action to meet customer needs through e-commerce has never been louder.

Distributors with existing e-commerce operations are asking themselves how they can deepen loyalty and meet customers’ digitally-centered buying behaviors. For many years, dropshipping has been used by retailers and now it’s proving to be a highly capital-efficient way for B2B distributors to grow revenue at scale, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience.

In this webinar hosted by BECK Ecommerce, you will discover the foundational elements of this new approach for B2B, and what it takes to make it work.

You will learn:

  • What drop shipping is
  • How drop shipping can be leveraged by distributors
  • The return on investment for B2B
  • The key ingredients for successful roll out of a drop-ship program
  • Case studies of success from both B2C and B2B companies

Hear from:

Brian Beck and Erich Bertsch

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