Rithum Corporation and its affiliated group companies (collectively, “Rithum”, “we”, “our” or “us”) are committed to safeguarding your privacy. This California Notice at Collection for California Employees and Job Applicants (“Notice”) is provided in addition to our full Privacy Policy, found here: https://www.rithum.com/privacy-policy/ (“Privacy Policy”). If you have any questions about this Notice or need access in an alternative format please contact us at privacyquestions@rithum.com.

Personal Information We Collect

Below are the types of Personal Information we may collect from you, and examples of each: 

Identifying Information: such as your full name, gender, date of birth, marital status, employee ID number, signatures

Contact Information: such as your email address, telephone number, postal address, and contact information for you and for your referrals, references, or emergency contacts.

National Identifiers: such as your Social Security Number (“SSN”), Driver’s License Number, passport and visa information and immigration status and documentation

Dependents’ Information: such as your dependents (“Dependents”) and their respective names, address, date of birth and SSN

Educational and Professional Background: such as your work history, resume/CV, academic and professional qualifications and history, certifications, language proficiencies, awards, security clearance information, and other work-related skills

Employment Details: such as your job title, position, hire dates, base pay, bonus, commission, incentive pay and any other wage related information, performance and disciplinary records, timekeeping records including vacation and sick leave records, and training records 

Background Check Information: such as your background check, credit check, education verification, and employment verification

Benefits Administration Information: such as your benefits enrollment information, including Dependents’ Information you provide

Career Planning Information: such as your career interests, desired compensation and benefits, desired work location and willingness to relocate, family information you provide as it relates to your career goals or plans

Financial Information: such as your bank account routing and account information, tax information, payroll information and withholdings, and credit card information (for example if you choose to provide it for booking a hotel for work travel)

Health and Safety Information: such as your absence or leave records that contain health-related information (for example information about pregnancy, illness or other medical leaves of absence); information about your health as part of required occupational health screenings or related to a workplace injury; health information related to disability or other accommodation requests. 

Geolocation Information: such as time and physical location related to your logging into our network or applications or using your badge to enter one of our office locations.

Characteristics of Protected Classifications under California or Federal Law: Your race and national or ethnic origin, gender, and veteran status (for example in order to complete legally required reporting or other DEI company initiatives); disability status, information about religion, for example as part of a request for an accommodation; pregnancy and childbirth information (for example when you request FMLA leave).

Audio, Visual or Similar Information: Photographs (for example for badges, your photo for our intranet or photos of you at company events), video interviews, conferencing software (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) video and audio recordings and video captured by our security systems.

Device Information: Your IP address, browser type and version, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platforms of Rithum (e.g., computers and other devices) you operate.

Other Information You Provide: including any other Personal Information you may elect to provide to us.

Why We Collect Personal Information

Many of our business purposes for collecting your Personal Information require that we disclose your Personal Information to third parties such as clients and service providers. We do not, however, “sell” or “share” your Personal Information within the meaning of the CCPA. We collect and use your Personal Information for the following purposes as appropriate to:

Contact you for the purposes listed below. We may contact you by telephone, email, text messaging, conferencing software, or otherwise;

Comply with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations;

Evaluate job applicants and candidates for employment;

Process payroll and/or travel and expenses;

Obtain and verify background, credit and education checks as well as employment references;

Verify your ability to work in this country;

Track time and attendance at work;

Communicate with you regarding employment-related matters;

Communicate with your family or other contacts in case of emergency or other necessary circumstance;

Arrange business travel;

Establish and manage training, professional development and employee recognition programs;

Evaluate, make and communicate decisions regarding your employment, including decisions to hire, terminate, promote, demote, transfer, suspend or discipline;

Administer, manage and maintain benefits, including group health insurance, retirement accounts, short-term disability, and other company benefits and perks;

Manage your job-related performance and/or employee conduct, including by engaging in monitoring of your activities and communications;

Investigate and handle workplace investigations (such as investigations of workplace accidents or injuries, harassment or other misconduct), disciplinary actions or termination;

Administer and maintain our operations for safety purposes, including preventing the spread of illness and administer programs during a pandemic or similar health event;

Implement, monitor and manage electronic security measures (including detection of security incidents);

Grant and monitor your access to secure company facilities;

Verify and respond to consumer requests under applicable consumer privacy laws;

Promote and foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace;

Perform workforce analytics, data analytics and benchmarking;

Perform company audits;

Engage in corporate transactions requiring review of employee records and information, such as for evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions;

Maintain commercial insurance policies and coverages, including for workers’ compensation and other liability insurance, including managing workers’ compensation claims;

Evaluate, assess and manage the Company’s business relationship with vendors, service providers and contractors that provide services to the company;

Improve user experience on company computers, networks, devices, software applications or systems, and to debug, identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality of our systems; and 

Exercise or defend our legal rights.

Changes to this Notice and Effective Date of Notice

If we change this Notice, we will post the revised Notice on this (or a similar) website, with an updated revision date. Any new Notice will automatically be effective when it is published on the website. You should therefore return here regularly to view our most up-to-date Notice. If we make material changes to our Notice, we may also notify you by other means, such as sending an email or posting a notice on our home page. The Effective Date of this Privacy Notice is February 10, 2024.