What a year it’s been. The past 12 months have seen existing e-commerce trends accelerate years ahead, as more consumers were forced online, more brands sped up their digital transformation and more fulfillment companies grappled with shipping infrastructures pushed to the brink. 

We even saw 2020 holiday GMV trends accelerate growth earlier into the month of November. 

Throughout the year, many sellers and industry watchers relied on the Rithum blog to stay ahead of the latest trends, tips, news and best practices. 

Now that we’re nearing the end of one year and preparing for the next, it’s time for a quick refresher on the most-read topics. 

Here are the top five posts from 2020.

#5: Rithum Announces Acquisition of BlueBoard

In July, we acquired a Paris-based analytics company called BlueBoard, a leading platform that enables brands like L’Oreal, Clarins, and Logitech to measure and analyze the real-time performance of their products across a worldwide network of thousands of retailers.  BlueBoard’s capabilities, now known as Rithum Brand Analytics, were a natural complement to Rithum and enhance our position as a leading global e-commerce solution for brands. 

#4: 3 Secrets to Drive Online Discovery of Your Products

Discovery shopping is a key driver of growth for brands and retailers, especially now that the pandemic has forced many consumers to purchase products from sellers they’ve never purchased from before. But if you want to drive better discovery for your products, you have to be prepared to invest more attention — and money — to these three strategies. 

#3: Preparing Your Business for the New Seller Fulfilled Prime Requirements

If you’re part of the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program, you’ve likely heard by now that Amazon will be implementing some major changes to delivery times starting February 1 to ensure the expectations of Prime members are met. We break down your options in this popular and timely post. 

#2: A Consumer Brand Manufacturer Shares Its Secret to Increasing Amazon Advertising Revenue by 67%

This popular case study features an established global brand that turned to Rithum to help boost its Amazon revenue. The answer? Amazon Advertising. If you’re looking for a strong success story to inspire your Amazon Advertising strategies, this is the case study for you.

#1: The Impact of COVID-19 on E-Commerce GMV Series

As everyone knows, the COVID-19 pandemic (and temporary lockdowns) threw our personal and professional lives up in the air. By late March, most consumers couldn’t leave their homes, toilet paper had become a prized commodity, some states and warehouses were shutting down, Amazon paused incoming shipments and much more. In the midst of that chaos, we published a six-part series that tracked the impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce GMV, which categories were affected and what trends we saw happening. 

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