Do you sell products on Walmart in one of the fashion categories? If so, you probably received an email from Walmart recently about new image size standards. Here’s what you need to know about the new requirements.

To prepare sellers for a new “fashion experience” on, Walmart recently announced that images will be portrayed in “Portrait Mode” (3:4 aspect ratio) and that sellers need to adjust their images starting April 21 to support the new display and avoid image distortion.

Images using the 3:4 aspect ratio.

If your images are not in “Portrait Mode” (3:4 aspect ratio) — including square (1:1) or “landscape mode” (4:3) images — you will need to replace them with new images in the required size. Product listings with images that don’t meet the new required size will be at risk of being unpublished by Walmart.  

Who will be affected?

The new image requirement will impact the following categories:

  • Men’s Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Kid’s Apparel
  • Baby Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Travel/Luggage

Though Walmart hasn’t explicitly stated why it’s making this switch, the new images are a part of a renewed focus on the fashion sector. Also, the trend toward better, high-resolution and dynamic images is nothing new in e-commerce, especially given the increasing focus on mobile. Rather than a traditional horizontal orientation, the new 3:4 ratio is more akin to, you guessed it, a mobile device.

How can Rithum help?

If you’re looking at the calendar and worrying about the looming April 21 deadline, take a deep breath. Our Professional Services team can perform image resizing and image compression to assist you in meeting this new requirement.

Each project will be reviewed and completed on a first come, first serve basis. For more information and a pricing quote, please contact our Professional Services team at

Rithum Image Hosting Concerns?

Please contact Rithum Support to understand what your current hosting limit is today.

For More Information:

Walmart has outlined additional information you need to know on the announcement homepage, as well as several webinars that you can attend to get up to speed on the changes.