Walmart Media Group is stepping up its support of advertisers’ efforts to connect and engage with Walmart customers on its digital properties and in stores with access to more data and insights. Now available for all Walmart Display and Sponsored Products campaigns, Performance Dashboards, available through the new Walmart Ad Center platform, provide advertisers with on-demand visibility into how their campaigns are performing in Walmart stores and on Walmart’s digital properties

In addition to the new dashboards, Walmart Ad Center is adding a number of new features to enhance reporting within Walmart’s advertising platforms, including combined, multi-dimensional data visualizations to capture performance whether it’s through Walmart’s on-site Pay Per Click (PPC) Sponsored Products ads, or through the Walmart Advertising Partners’ program which allows display ads to surface on partner sites around the web through third-party AdTech ad inventory.

As this comes out of beta testing, brands and sellers will start to see the Walmart Ad Center badging on the login portal and within the campaigns dashboard on their existing account logins and receive access to the new reports over the next few months.  Once the account has shifted to Walmart Ad Center, you’ll be able to view total performance for Sponsored Products ads and Advertising Partners ads in their own dashboard graphs, within the same portal.  Note:  due to the nature of the differences between PPC and display ads, different sets of metrics will be available for each.

This will have the most significant impact for advertisers that use both Walmart Sponsored Products and Walmart Advertising Partners, but even brands and sellers that only use one or the other will benefit from more advanced reporting and visualizations using Campaign Performance Dashboards.

If you’re a brand or seller using Sponsored Products or Advertising Partners to sell online and want to know how you can take advantage of the new features, insights and data available in Walmart’s Campaign Performance Dashboards, contact us. We can help you make the most of this exciting new offering and make sure your ad spend supports your strategic goals while maximizing its impact to reach more customers and increase revenues.