Savvy liquidation sellers on the hunt for inventory for the everything-must-go sale can strike e-commerce gold when they focus on low-cost merchandise.  In episode six of our E-commerce Essentials Commerce Cast, we take another deep dive into how one successful online retailer is dominating the e-commerce landscape, specifically a liquidation seller.

In this 11-minute video, you’ll hear from the director of retail marketplaces at Liquidity Services Inc., a company that specializes in selling retail surplus acquired from Fortune 1000 companies. It comes to you straight from the popular All-Star Users panel at the Rithum User Conference, where successful sellers share their favorite tools and techniques for increasing sales and revenue. (The next one is coming up soon at Rithum Connect!)

Todd Lusby talks about what works best when creating a predictable 12-month inventory plan isn’t an option. In this episode, you’ll get an inside look at the strategies his team has used to contribute to nearly $1 billion in sales revenue for the company, and how Rithum’s automation technology helps the company:

  • Streamline listings across thousands of items
  • Optimize high volumes of inventory
  • Manage data for greater visibility of end-of-life items
  • Easily adhere to brand guidelines

Watch the full episode here:


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