A lot happens in e-commerce over the course of a year. Channels grow, strategies change and new tools emerge. It can be tough to stay on the cutting edge.

With the new year upon us and the eyes of the industry focusing on the busy year ahead, we wanted to take a quick look back at the key strategies from 2017. So, we gathered up the 10 most popular (and most relevant) content pieces from the past year.

To prepare for 2018 — and all the changes it may bring — take a few minutes to review some of the most clicked, viewed and shared content by you and your peers.

eBooks and Tip Sheets

7 Amazon Secrets

If you’re an online retailer, you already understand the revenue potential of Amazon. But Amazon success takes a lot more than simply listing your products and hoping consumers find them. In this eBook, we outline the seven secrets of the successful Amazon seller, from choosing the right fulfillment option to winning that coveted Buy Box position. Download now.

eBay Pricing Strategies

Did you know that there are 168 million active global consumers on eBay? It’s an amazing channel to increase the exposure of your products and grow revenue. But with increased competition, grabbing the attention of those millions of consumers comes down to smarter pricing strategies. Check out this eBook to learn the tools you need to get more eBay visibility — and more eBay sales. Download now.

Drop Shipping Tip Sheet

When it comes to marketplace order fulfillment, retailers and brands have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest decisions of all: Should you leverage drop shipping? In this tip sheet, we break down the basics of drop shipping you need to know to make informed decisions about your fulfillment processes. Download now.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Let’s be honest, thousands of your potential customers are on social media right now. Are your products there? If not, it’s time to get more social. The new year is actually a great time to find shoppers browsing for good deals. Not sure where to start? Our popular eBook, The Essential Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising, is a great resource for the latest social trends and tactics. Download now.


Amazon 301: Advanced Amazon Marketing Services Strategy & Analytics

Take a deep dive into first-party Amazon selling that will set you apart from your competition by watching this wildly popular webinar we hosted back in May. Rithum’s Jason Smith explores advanced techniques in bidding, campaign building, strategy, analytics and reporting on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). It’s more relevant now than ever. Watch On-Demand.

Digital Marketing Study Guide

It’s never a bad time for a quick tutorial in the most difficult subjects. This year, sellers wanted to learn more about digital marketing. Over the summer, two of Rithum’s digital marketing experts laid out a strategic syllabus for sellers who wanted to excel in their mobile, social and holiday planning in the fall. Watch it again now to brush up… You may be tested in the coming year. Watch On-Demand.

International Selling: Taking Your Business Global

Selling internationally has never been easier — or more profitable. That’s why 2017 saw many retailers and brands broaden their horizons and take their products into international markets. The trend will only continue to grow in 2018, so watch this popular webinar to learn more about the hottest international marketplaces, the best-selling categories and how to get started. Watch On-Demand.

Case Studies

133% Year-Over-Year Growth 

When it comes to marketplace management, you get what you pay for. That’s what our client Synergee Fitness learned before switching to our platform. Since using Rithum, Synergee has seen a 133% increase in sales per month year over year. That’s 4.5x the sales revenue! Want to hear the whole story? Read (and watch) now.

20% Week-Over-Week GMV Growth!

When it comes to marketplaces, success often depends on pricing. That’s why so many retailers and brands are focusing on repricing technology. But what happens when you’re juggling listings across multiple marketplaces and need to stay in compliance with various pricing requirements? Hardware retailer SIM Supply used Rithum’s Price Manager to implement an advanced pricing strategy across multiple marketplaces, and saw an amazing 20% jump in revenue. Check out the case study for the full story. Read now.

Building a Better Brand Through Better Product Content

See how luxury apparel brand, Peter Millar, utilized Rithum’s new Product Content Optimization (PCO) technology to drastically increase the amount of relevant searches the company showed up for, in a matter of days, by engaging the Rithum Managed Services team’s expertise to significantly enhance their product content data. Watch now.