Still deciding whether to attend Connect 2019? Need another reason beyond Austin’s mouth-watering beef brisket? Consider this: the premier customer event will kick off with two can’t-miss keynote speakers, Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg and Rithum co-founder and executive chairman Scot Wingo, who are ready to serve up big picture concepts in bite-sized portions to help brands and retailers return to their companies with real solutions that can grow their businesses.

“The number one thing I hear from people when they talk about conferences is, ‘Wow! It was good, but it was so high level. I’m not sure how to bring it into my day job,’” explained Scot Wingo. “What we’re doing at Connect, by combining the high-level insights and the user conference side, we introduce the big picture concepts and connect the dots, so people know how to go home and implement it in their business.”

Your Road Map to Success

Known for its deep dives into all things e-commerce and digital marketing, The Jason & Scot Show Live is the go-to podcast for industry insights, expert interviews and, yes, a little fun. But don’t let their quick wit and self-deprecating humor fool you. Goldberg and Wingo know all too well the serious side of the rapidly evolving e-commerce and digital shopper landscape. Recent years have brought plenty of unexpected twists and turns — who better than this dynamic duo to help you create the best road map to success?

“I’m really excited about Connect,” said Goldberg. “I’ve had the opportunity to attend Catalyst in the past and one of the things I enjoy is there’s always a lot of focused subject matter content. You’re going to hear some super insightful knowledge about the industry that you’re going to be able to use to improve your business immediately.”

More Change Ahead — Are You Ready?

In an industry driven by innovation and constant change, attendees can also expect The Jason & Scot Show Live to forecast the future with previews of what’s happening in e-commerce and retail.  

“The last number of years have been an exciting and disruptive time in commerce and retail. Actually, I think that’s just the very beginning,” explained Goldberg. “I think we can expect a lot faster and more evolution in the coming years. It’s great to connect with colleagues that are facing some of the same challenges and opportunities.”

“As software has kind of eaten retail, the pace of change has really accelerated. Every year in this industry, it continues to crank up,” added Wingo. “I’m looking forward to sharing what we’re seeing out there, such as brands going direct to private label, what Amazon is doing and what all the companies in China are doing. There’s a lot to cover, educate and learn about and put into practice.”

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The depth of knowledge at Rithum Connect 2019 will be invaluable. This year, we want to help you move the needle, optimize your operation and connect you with today’s empowered consumer. All this and more in a city buzzing with technology, adventure and opportunity. We can’t wait to see you in Austin on April 8-9. Don’t wait — save your seat today.