With 97% of U.S. consumers browsing on marketplaces and Amazon alone capturing more than half of all online product searches, marketplaces are increasingly important channels for boosting revenues and finding new customers. While the number of marketplaces continues to grow, identifying the marketplace with buyers and tools that are a good fit for your brand is an important first step when committing limited resources and budget. Rithum’s team of marketplace experts can provide a comprehensive analysis to help determine where your brand’s biggest opportunities lie. 

Once the correct marketplace opportunity has been identified, leverage our deep expertise in growing brands on competitive marketplaces, including those that drive the majority of ecommerce revenue such as Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, eBay, Target Plus, and more. 

Connecting brands to an assortment of marketplaces is only the first part of what our team offers. Once a brand is live on a marketplace, we continue to work with that brand in order to build a virtual storefront that will reach a growing audience of customers. 

Here are six ways our comprehensive marketplace management gives your brand an advantage: 

1. Listing Optimization. We provide actionable insights based on our knowledge of marketplace search algorithms to inform decisions on enhancing the quality of your product content to meet the expectations of buyers and align your brand vision across your digital shelf. 

2. Automated Marketplace Feeds. Your product data is converted to the formats required to list products on each marketplace so you can get in front of more customers, faster and with less friction enabling you to focus on growing your business while we extend your team’s ability to run your business. 

3. Brand Protection. We protect and grow your brand whether that means Brand Registry, branded storefronts, A+ content, or brand-centric advertising on search, social, or marketplaces. 

4. Image and Video Creation. We can help you increase conversion and provide greater product context using images and videos on marketplaces. 

5. Pricing, Inventory, and Fulfillment. Our experts provide pricing reviews, inventory forecasting, and fulfillment and shipping optimization counsel and insights.  

6. Marketplace, Search, and Social Advertising. To get you in front of more customers and grow demand and awareness for your brand, we can execute digital advertising campaigns tailored for your business to maximize the return on your ad budget. 

Rithum can help you navigate the most important facets of marketplace selling—from listing products to optimizing prices to assisting with digital advertising—all so you can start reaching customers immediately.