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[eBook] Accelerated E-Commerce: 21 Trends Shaping the Industry in 2021

The way people shop has changed and will continue to do so. Although it’s impossible to predict exactly what’s next in e-commerce, it’s more critical than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Take an in-depth look into the 21+ trends and transitions shaping the Industry in 2021.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Multichannel Content Management for Brands

In our recent webinar, Izabela Catiru and Michele Maginty focused on how to take control of your product data and save time in storing, mapping and optimizing content to meet the requirements of your retailers. During an earlier webinar on February 11, Izabela and Michele discussed why brand managers can no longer remain passive about product data, how automation builds opportunity for expansion and more. 

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[Forrester Report] New D2C Report

In this free resource, Forrester’s researchers explore the biggest opportunities available to brands today — plus key strategies for crafting a comprehensive D2C strategy. Download it now for step-by-step guidelines you can use today. No matter where your D2C efforts stand today, this report will make it easier to determine where to focus efforts next.

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[Blog] Boost Productivity for Online Retail Teams

Ready to save your team hours of tedious and repetitive effort? Learn more about what Rithum Brand Analytics can offer, from monitoring retailers in real time to tracking price history and content performance and more in this detailed blog post. 

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[Success Story] Newell Keeps Online and Offline Retailers in Harmony

Newell’s Baby Jogger® brand, which sells award-winning strollers and a range of other baby products, needed to balance its partnerships with online and offline retailers — with each equally valuable for the brand. Rithum Brand Analytics was implemented to monitor trends, and along the way, the brand built and improved relationships with all of its distribution channels.

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[Partner Spotlight] Sell into Europe with Zalando

If you’re thinking of expanding into Europe, look no further than Zalando. With more than 3,000 brands sold in 17 countries, Zalando is a top e-commerce destination for many European shoppers. One Rithum customer selling on Zalando saw a four-fold increase in sales in less than four months after launching on the marketplace. This on-demand webinar shares more information about opportunities on Zalando.

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