RETHINK Retail, a go-to destination for executive-led insights into the trends and innovations transforming the global retail landscape, recently featured Rithum in its Solution Spotlight, highlighting the qualities that make our company distinct and the impact of our innovations on the e-commerce industry for brands and retailers worldwide.

Adam Clay, senior strategic account executive, shared his own thoughts on the current status of e-commerce, ways Rithum’s platform and team support businesses and professionals in our industry and the difference our in-depth, in-house expertise can make.

“E-commerce continues to fragment. There’s more channels, there’s more places to sell, there’s more places to advertise, and you have to be everywhere at all times. And as more and more of that fragments, the challenge of being able to optimize, invest, and grow all those channels simultaneously is incredibly difficult,” says Clay.

Our team understands the challenge of investing and growing these channels for retailers and brands. With integrations to 200 marketplaces (and counting!), intelligent automation and a centralized platform that can help you manage activity across multiple operational teams, Rithum enables our clients to spend less time working through manual processes and more time accomplishing their goals and missions.

Check out Clay’s interview with RETHINK Retail: