Consumer buying behavior has changed dramatically in the last two years. Convenience, contactless, and choice are all top of mind for today’s shoppers. With the start of the buying journey now online, customers are looking for an all-around experience with multiple digital and in-store touchpoints. Buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, and 2-day delivery gives shoppers access to the products they need anytime, anywhere.

BOPIS and curbside pickup meet the need for convenience and contactless

BOPIS and curbside pickup are having a moment. According to Digital Commerce’s Top 1000 Retailer Report, shoppers are using these options more than ever with 75% of shoppers completing an in-store or curbside pickup in the past 6 months. 22% of these shoppers doing so more than 11 times.  73% of top 1000 retailers now offer BOPIS  (growing by 11% in 2019) and 54.2% offer curbside pickup  (growing by 44% in 2019).

Leveraging physical and digital enhances the customer experience. Consumers that opt for BOPIS tend to make additional purchases once they come in-store to get their orders. This helps retailers to build stronger customer loyalty and attract new customers. It’s faster than shipping, more personalized for the consumer, and provides a vehicle for increasing foot traffic in-store.

Keep customers happy with innovative fulfillment options and fast delivery

Same-day delivery is an option more consumers are using with 36% of shoppers ordering from a direct-to-consumer (DTC)  retailer for same-day delivery and 26% from a physical store for same-day delivery. Speedy delivery impacts purchase decisions. Digital Commerce found that consumers are less likely to make a purchase when a retailer gives them a delivery date of more than 3 days. Consumers also want ample communication touchpoints for orders. Retailers need to be able to give full visibility from the moment of purchase on through to delivery (especially for larger items like furniture and electronics) including status alerts and notifications of any issues or delays. Using Rithum’s platform gives retailers the capabilities to automate this communication flow and keep consumers happy and informed.

How can retailers make it all work?

To successfully implement a seamless multichannel experience, retailers need better inventory management and visibility capabilities that enable them to receive real-time inventory updates that reflect both in-store and online availability. Retailers that are able to provide precise, accurate delivery dates using logistics and routing technology also gain an advantage and increase conversions. The longer the delivery window the less likely a consumer will make a purchase. A Rithum survey found that close to 66% say expected delivery dates have impacted purchase intent.

A strategic drop-ship program helps retailers not only improve delivery timeframes; it also gives them access to expanded product assortment giving consumers more choice. Drop ship makes it easy for retailers to add key product categories at times of high demand and scale back as consumer demands shift. It mitigates out of stock issues and distributes inventory closer to customers. With no owned inventory or capital expense, retailers have a cost-effective way to deliver a true multichannel experience. Optimizing the customer journey from purchase to pick up/delivery is key to increasing brand loyalty and providing an exceptional customer experience.

A number of retailers from Digital Commerce 360’s top 1000 list are partnering with Rithum to ensure a simple, seamless way for retailers and brands to sell, fulfill and deliver what consumers need anytime, anywhere. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you. Contact us.