Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responsibilities that come with managing multiple sales channels?

Keep inventory updated across platforms. Develop the right mix of digital marketing. Find ways to keep fulfillment fast and affordable. And the list goes on.

Well, Vicky Palomo feels your pain.

In an  interview with Rithum, the web team supervisor at Power Mower Sales noted that “it’s very difficult to manage multiple marketplaces all at once.” 

Still, Palomo knew that if her company was going to grow, steering clear of additional e-commerce channels was not an option. Power Mower Sales had already managed to strengthen sales by expanding its product catalog and seeking new ways to connect with consumers. If the business was going to continue down that path to success, there was really only one strategy left to tackle. 

After years of steady growth, the time had come for Power Mower Sales to expand to more online sales channels.

Deciding it was time to sell online

For decades, consumers in Florida and surrounding states knew Power Mower Sales as the place to go for lawn mowers, equipment, parts and accessories. The family-owned lawn and garden center was a reliable resource for homeowners, commercial landscapers and municipalities alike. By the time the retailer added Polaris ATVs and RANGERS to its merchandise mix, it had a strong base of very loyal shoppers who were ecstatic about the addition.

In other words…

Things were going really well. 

So well, in fact, that Power Mower Sales decided it was time to start selling online. With a new website, the transition to e-commerce was relatively painless.

That is until it came time to expand to marketplaces and search engines. Then, all at once, things got very complicated, very fast.

Navigating multiple marketplaces

As the team began to dive into the world of online sales channels, it quickly became clear that there would be a lot to manage. Staff knew it would be important to list on Amazon. But there was also eBay, Facebook and Google Shopping — plus dozens of other potential options to evaluate. 

One thing was evident:

Managing all those channels would not be like launching a single online store. There would be product data to map, content to optimize, orders to juggle and much more. If Power Mower Sales was going to do e-commerce right, they’d need more than momentum and motivation. 

So together with Director of Operations Gus Pineda, Palomo decided to bring everything into one consolidated, centralized platform. And for that, they turned to the best option they could find: Rithum.

First, Power Mower Sales mapped its product data feed to Google Shopping — and landed the company’s first three sales within 30 minutes.

Next, the team started mapping those same product listings to select marketplaces.

It didn’t take long for Pineda and Palomo to determine they had made the right decision. Rithum served as the foundation for what was proving to be a very successful multichannel strategy. 

“Without Rithum, I think medium-based businesses would have a very difficult time in the market,” Pineda said. “It allows us to compete, and that’s the bottom line.”

“The great thing about Rithum is: It’s basically a hub,” Palomo added. “You can have 10 to 15 different marketplaces and everything is managed in one place. It makes it much simpler. Rather than having to create each ad, you just create the ad one time and map it — and you’re set.”

It’s little wonder, then, that Power Mower Sales continues to make big plans for continued growth. See what they say is yet to come in the video.

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